Period shaming

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Noonecares21, Mar 28, 2020.

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    Have you ever experienced period shaming?

    I mean, a lot of people claim it doesn't exist, but I can certainly confirm that yeah, it does. And it doesn't only come from men. I always need to make sure to not visibly take out my pads or tampons. Otherwise, people will be like "hide it, others will laugh at you!".
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    We always hide it when I was in my teens. I was terrified that any boys would find out about it, just horrible feeling being picked on for something I had no control over. I got mine at 14 and never told my parents about until they took me to the Dr 16 saying I didn't have it yet...
    I now have niece who is 9 and her mum isn't around, so I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone for her so she doesn't have to ever feel like that or is to afraid to talk about it. I have shown her products she can use and we have sorted things with her dad so that if she has questions or needs help we can be there for them both.
    Unfortunately her dad is also old school and is uncomfortable with the subject and has no idea either what to do.
    I hope her experiences can be better then my own.

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    I would have thought that Men would avoid the subject (???)

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