Percs 5-325 How many?

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by bye-byethepound, May 31, 2004.

  1. How many should I take for a rec dose?
  2. About 2-3 if you've never taken them.
  3. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    six. don't fuck around with two or three its a waste. take 4 to 6 pills and youll get high.
  4. ryan_pills

    ryan_pills Member

    ya theres asperin in them, im not sure of the exact ammount but you have to wach that, i snorted four last night and felt like shit the next morning so be careful if you have never done it before
  5. Wilson

    Wilson Member

    4 pills won't hurt your body.
  6. ryan_pills

    ryan_pills Member

    ya but it makes you feel pretty shitty the next morning from the let down of the high and its allot worse if you wash the drip down with vodka
  7. Skerb

    Skerb Member

    aspirin, cool, should help your stomach bleed, maybe develop an ulcer and then stomach cancer at some future point. its a fucking conspiracy that the fucking us government give you percocet and vicodin, and tylenol 2's 3's etc.. you want the fucking' narcotic not the liver poisioning tylenol.. etc..
    if you have vicodin and it's like say 5/500 apap that means 5mg hydrocodone for your pain, and 500mg of tylenol to poison your liver, if your use then for recreation, then you'll take more and more getting more and more tylenol to posion your liver, then if you drink with them the liver damage is compounded by alcohol.. fucking conspiracy. they make oxycotin a schedule 1 or 2 or something? but add some liver damage and its downgraded to a 2 or 3 and you have percocet..
    live long and prosper.
  8. Skerb

    Skerb Member

    i should say, if you get vic or percs from your doc as a script, look up what the MINIMUM amount of tylenol is you can get in them.. for vic it is 325mg of tylenol as the lowest.. 10mg hydrocodone is the highest.
    so the best vicodin is hydrocodone 10/325 APAP
  9. Skerb

    Skerb Member

    duh, silly me, if basically whatever version of this shit you get, get the LEAST amount of tylenol, ibuprofen, or asprin in them is what i really mean... save the livers ;)
  10. ryan_pills

    ryan_pills Member

    ya man i think you may really be right but once you snort that first one the others just dont matter, i have snorted five 512 percs every night for the past three nights but its been my last hurahh cause i am totaly done with pills as of tonight

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