People insulting you because of your dreads.

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by ugali, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. ugali

    ugali Member

    How often does someone insult you because of your dreads? We me it happens at leased once a month that some old or young conservative screams “Ja-Rastafari!” to me. It just happened to me today.

  2. so jah-rastafari is a bad comment? i would take it as a compliment, rastas have fucking wicked locks. i used to work at a vetrans club and i got tons of bad comments, customers would ask me to clean up for work next time and i would explain it but they just couldnt comprehend why i would do such a thing to my 'could-be lovely hair' some people even refused to buy drinks from me while serving, they would go up to the bar. it got better with time, as they got to know my personality, then they didnt care about my hair anymore. :D
  3. Silver Shadow

    Silver Shadow Member

    I'm totally alone with my dread journey, except of course in here! :D
    My folks, friends, neighbours, *everyone* cant understand why Id want to 'ruin' my 'beautiful' hair like this. Unyet, ironically if I show them a pic of really mature and long dreadlocks, they say 'hey, those look nice.... why dont you get em done like that?'
    LOL when I tell em they WILL look like that, in time, they dont get it!
    Its quite amusing, Im enjoying watching their reactions as my dreads change. ;)
  4. at first my parents hated! my hair, but as i told them over and over again i like it, and at least it not your hair, they realized thier comments arent going to get rid of it, and starting to enjoy the process. Especally at firsst when everyday they seem to get a little better.
  5. Scorpius

    Scorpius Member

    Rasta isnt a bad comment. Its just annoying to be posted as that. If worst comes to worst a old lady calls you a dirtbag in the GMC store (happened to me).
  6. knotdirty

    knotdirty Over the Rainbow

    My parents are the only ones who insult me....everyone else loves my hair. :p They call it "black hair."

    Brush that chip off your shoulder, people are going to assume things about you. You chose the hairstyle, baby. :)
  7. napalm_life

    napalm_life Member

    I once had Tramp shouted at me from a car, though that may be to do with my general persona as well as the hair.

    Also frequently in the pub i hear peole making snide comments, but i feel its just best to go along with it, if they're so ignorant thay don't deserve to be taught!

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