Pentagon considered "Sex Bomb" and other bizarre chem weapons...

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by EllisDTripp, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    What if this stuff blew back against US troops? Would "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" go out the window? :)

  2. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

    "Most bizarre among the plans was one for the development of an "aphrodisiac" chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale, the proposal says."

    That's the greatest idea I've ever heard. :D [edit] They should also consider this in their crowd control methods :p
  3. soliloquy

    soliloquy Banned

    I think they've been testing that little sucker on their own troops ?????? yet it hasn't damaged morale much ? LOL
  4. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    This doesn't surprise me at all, as weird as it sounds. We already know the US government has been secretly testing all sorts of bizarre weaponry for years, like EMF mind control and weather warfare. The "sex bomb" sounds almost tame compared to some of what is believed to be in the possession of the government.
  5. JohnnyATL

    JohnnyATL Banned

    "whats this grey smoke thats all around us.....wait a second IM FEELING FABULOUS....touch me"
  6. Juggalo4ever

    Juggalo4ever KingoftheChubbyGirls

    They should name it the gay maker :p
  7. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    A weapon of ass distraction, maybe? :)
  8. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    Lmao... :rolleyes:
  9. soliloquy

    soliloquy Banned

    WAD's nice !!!!!!!!!
  10. SunLion

    SunLion Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    The man with the gun smiles bright,
    His teeth are shining in the sunlight
    He's got me backed up against a tree
    Wonderin' what he's gonna do with me
    Maybe he'll kill me, maybe he'll just watch me sweat,
    He doesn't know yet

    Oh, I think I've entered hell,
    The bodies lie where they fell,
    No one asks and no one tells but
    I think I've entered hell

    He makes me take off all of my clothes,
    Strikin' me with a rubber hose
    I don't make a sound but still I cry and
    Stare back at him with hatred in my eyes
    Maybe he'll kill me, maybe he'll just watch me sweat,
    He doesn't know yet


    There's a million ways to die and
    Somehow I think this might not be my time
    I just keep on staring straight ahead
    At the fire that keeps the beast fed

    Maybe he'll kill me, maybe he'll just watch me sweat,
    He doesn't know yet

    -psychodots, from the album "Awkwardsville" about ten years ago. It was funny then. It's very much unfunny now.
  11. SelfControl

    SelfControl Boned.

    So hang on... they've had gaymaking technology all this time and I don't have it yet? :O
  12. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    I sincerely doubt that such technology exists, or ever will. Human sexual desire is a complex combination of physical and psychological components, coupled with the environment the person is in. The idea of a chemical that will instantly turn soldiers into sex maniacs humping anything that moves is completely ludicrous.

    This whole thing reminds me of the CIA-sponsored "Project Bluebird", "Project Artichoke", and "Project MK-Ultra" from the 1940's through the 1960's. In the search for mind-control drugs, the US government secrently dosed subjects with drugs ranging from amphetamines to LSD, trying to find drugs that would either act as a "truth serum", incapacitate enemy soldiers, create a real-life "Manchurian Candidate", or make foreign heads of state into raving lunatics. The whole sordid history is covered quite well in the book "Acid Dreams", by Martin Lee and Bruce Schlain:

    More on the history of US covert weapons research:
  13. HonkyTonk

    HonkyTonk Member

    That's brilliant, why would you reject such great weapons?
  14. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    As best I can recall the story...About a thousand years ago, during the initial crusade, the Europeans landed in the Holy Land and attacked the Islamic defenders. The Europeans' horses were stallions (male) while the Arabs' horses were mares (female). Many of the Arab Mares were in heat. The battle plans the Europeans devised and defensive positions taken by the Arabs took a subordinate role to the Stallions' wantonly carnal desires. The Arabs not only lost the battle but their mares lost all sembleance of honor (and chasity) during the mass deflowering that day.

    Seems nature already has devised its version of a "Sex Bomb".
  15. soliloquy

    soliloquy Banned

    That already exists !! It's called beer !!!!!!!
    Bush has been testing that drug for a few years now !!! Yep it works !! now us it on the foreign heads of state ????
  16. soliloquy

    soliloquy Banned

    Must have been an AIRBORNE DIVISION , that's got to be tough on the horses ?? Big chutes I imagine... lol
    Sorry Goat I couldn't resist

    It's the pheromones !!!!! makes people do the craziest things .....

  17. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    You're right. They were called "The Horseflies". Sorry back at ya...I couldn't resist either.
  18. Archemetis

    Archemetis Senior Member

    they have been coming up with some strange weapons these the recent sound weapon.
  19. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    Meh...Britany Spears, N'Sync, Michael Jackson and the rest of that crowd has been around for years. I learned to tune that stuff out long ago.

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