Penetration Question????? For the Ladies

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by rdk, Jun 4, 2004.

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    :confused: I love my wife very much. Therefore I want to please her when making Love. Does it feel better to penetrate her all the way or just part. Her drive isn't as intense as mine and i am hoping the some "Expert" advice will help increse her desire. I always take care of her needs before mine. After two kids the doctor sowed things up bad and therefore she has to have help from a massager to achieve orgasm . Searching for ideas.
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    i would say start slowly and work up, I personally like it when my partner rides me part of the way in then as I get more excited drives deep inside me, then goes back to part of the way in and winds me up till I screamm I want it deeper and he doe usually makes for mind blowing orgasms, but bear in mind I love sex and have a very high sex drive.

    Ailsa xxx
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    I don't know what you are talking about "all the way or just part." That's something only she can know.

    Regarding being sewn up after childbirth, well once she is healed (I hope she is healed!!!), that shouldn't effect how she orgasms if she orgasms clitorally, which is what it sounds like since she is using a vibrator. I only orgasm clitorally, and recently my partner and I found a sex toy that he puts around his cock and there's a vibrator there that stimulates my clit while he is inside of me. Also he and I both orgasm easier if we can have our legs straight as opposed to bent.
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    I am a 26 year old woman who is currently having the best sex of my entire life. I have had only clitoral orgasms as of yet. However, my current partner and I are very close to achieving the amazing accomplishment of the vaginal orgasm. Some things that have been helpful to me:
    Try a variety of positions--some feel better than others
    Try a variety of depth of penetration
    Try a variety of rythyms
    Constantly be asking her for feedback as to what combinations of activities she enjoys best. Never make her feel embarrassed, but like the most beautiful and sexy woman you have ever met.
    Massive foreplay is also very helpful. Either provide her with oral sex before insertion or manually stimulate her clitoris with your fingers or a toy. Kiss the insides of her thighs...
    Is any of this helpful?? I've never birthed a child.

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