Pencil Picture of Tsunami victim

Discussion in 'Art' started by Anavarius, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member

    This is 8 month old micheal who barely survived the tsunami, in his mothers arms.

  2. Im sorry no one has replied to this,because this is pretty awesome! The image is so sad yet beautiful, see how hes looking at his mother? wonderful job!

    Are you in art school right now?
  3. arlia

    arlia Members

    i really like this!
    u have captured the gentleness of the love in this relationship!
    the hands are also quite impressive
  4. weep

    weep Senior Member

    ... bittersweet ... wonderful ... WOW
  5. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member

    This piece meant a lot to me. I cried when I saw the picture, and I then cried when I drew it. Some people think I have this taste for morbid pictures, but I don't draw what I like. I draw what I feel. And this picture definately made me feel something.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments.

    Sadly enough I never went to art school, I couldn't afford it and I am definately envious to hear about everybody else being a part of it besides me lol.
  6. well i feel you there. i havent yet but the plan is in May. im 25 i'll be the old one in classes:) hehe.. how old are you? you know its never too late. im just going to a regular community college and im getting finicail aid and loans.
  7. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    You don't have to got art school to be an artist, you're living proof.
  8. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member

    Crystaleyez Thank you , thats the most nicest thing I have heard in a while !

    I am 22 and I don't know if I could ever really stand someone grading my art. It doesn't sound right to me. Though hanging out with other artists would be awesome I don't know if the price is right. lol Sounds cracked but I swear I am a normal modest person (I hope). Wishing I could find a cheaper way to hang out with cool artsy cats. ;)
  9. no you dont have to go to school to be a artist, but creditinols help find jobs:) thats the only reason i am going. Plus its nice to learn things you didnt know...

    yeah hanging out with other artys folks would be cool.
  10. Anavarius

    Anavarius Member

    I am thinking about starting a portrait business. But I am still trying to plan my publicity stragety. As for art school, I think its just a distant dream of mine. I have never found an art teacher that I could possible learn from, and I guess that fact will continue to deter my motivation of scholarly love.
  11. lol... yeah i was trying to think of a way to make money as well... it just seems to pop up from time to time.. i found if i just walk around with my sketch book and pencils people are curious and want to see ,that has helped me get some connections and pay.

    good luck on which ever path you take. i really enjoy your stuff. its wonderful. keep sharing it with us.
  12. curly_12

    curly_12 Member

    that picture is amazing go you its beautiful
  13. Crystaleyez

    Crystaleyez Member

    I wasn't trying to dis anyone.....go to art scholl if ya wanna, don't if ya don't wanna. Crystal, you don't need to go to art school your sketches are totally gorgeous, but it may help you make money. The only artsists I know that really make money are the ones that paint landscapes *boring* or are in advertising *evil*. I paint with acrylics, I'll post some sometime, I keep meaning to. I may go to art school some day in order to learn teqniques I may not know about, hang out with other artists and actually sit down and do art in mass quantities, like all day long. Teachers would prolly piss me off tho, like poor arlia. Love and learn,

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