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Discussion in 'TV' started by matthew, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    I post the above link... because i think apart from buying the DVDs this might be the only place you may have watched (too those outside the UK??) tis brilliant show.

    It is Not actualy a BBC programme , as usual those bastards take the gravitas of haveing a good programme on their shitty channel. (don't ask) but you might find a few rants on the first link from myself (on the forum) :p

    It is SO funny it is almost tooo good .. if you get the chance to watch, do.. I bet this year it will hit a bigger audience than now ???

    If nothing else it has/had rachel blanchard in it... *sigh*..:)

    ohh and the theme music is great
  2. marywasaperv

    marywasaperv Member

  3. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    Sadly , i don't think it will or has hit the heady heights other comedies have..But thats all the better.. If you have seen 'Little Britain' .. and liked it . Then 'the only gay in the village' is not quite as funny now.. But you might still find it side splitting , i don't know ?.

    I hope they make a third series.. i need to know if sophie and mark get it together .. or if jezs marriage remains a mere husk ..:)
  4. marywasaperv

    marywasaperv Member

    hey, d'you know if it's on tonight?? (friday)
  5. matthew

    matthew Almost sexy

    You may have already realised it was not on ?? No the series ended on Thursday, SADLY ,

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