Peeing naked outside

Discussion in 'Real Kinky' started by J-dog, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    She held it as I did it...and shook it afterwards...

  2. Rigamarole

    Rigamarole Senior Member

    When life gives you lemons, piss on them. Genius.
  3. JoeBone

    JoeBone Member

    Oh sure. I often skip naked through my yard with a basket and pick wildflowers. If I have to tinkle, I do a little pirouette and pretend I'm a sprinkler.

    Look everyone! I'm a sprinkler, I say. It's ever so much fun!
  4. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    This sounds like material for a song!
  5. curious78

    curious78 Member

    Have you learned to pee standing up yet?
  6. curious78

    curious78 Member

    That is one best side affects of living in California.. We have a door in our master bath room directly to the back yard, so I walk out there and pee all the time. My wife occasionally does to, she's learning to pee standing up. With water bills these days we have to do something.. Now we just need the dogs to pick up there poop so we don't have to worry about land mines.. :D
  7. nakedman55

    nakedman55 Member

    I pee outside fairly often I,m a painter and quite often there is not a bathroom available, but I do try to not be too obvious about it. once when I was a young man I was with a mixed group of kids my age at a very open area, no bathroom and I had to pee really bad, one of the girls noticed my discomfort and reassured me to just pull it out and go, no big deal, although I did turn around so as not to be rude , she was right, nobody said a word , just kept going about their business.
  8. I have no problem with peeing outside if it's relatively remote and there's no nearby bathroom.
    Once I did so on the side of a road in a well-to-do and high falutin neighborhood, because I was miles away from the city and without transportation. Nobody saw me (that I know of) because the houses were a block away, but I still found it all subtly amusing.
  9. jimbo98

    jimbo98 Member


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