Pee Fetish ? Tried it

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by coolkenny13, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Iloveherass

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    My fiance and I finally got around to it last week. She's wanted to for a long time but I wasn't in to it. We got into the shower and she grabbed mine and aimed it all over her. After, I held my cock under her and let her go on it. I actually found it enjoyable, as it was the 1st time I had seen her pee, and it did feel pleasantly warm on my hard penis. So away we go I guess, lol.
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  2. undefeated

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    i pee everyday !
  3. andypanty

    andypanty Active Member

    We both enjoy this and we love doing it outside in secluded locations when we are camping.

    Although we did get caught once, we were both naked, with my wife astride me and in mid pee on my face. If that wasn't embarrassing enough the couple were staying near us on the campsite.... Oops!
  4. Yes i have peed on my wife and in her pussy and she has peed on my body and we both jave peed in eachothers mouth. I love it when she pees on me and when i pee on her pussy when she is playing it makes her cum right then and there
  5. P_Bateman

    P_Bateman Well-Known Member

    It's not my thing I've tried it. I once supposedly made a girl squirt , I'm pretty sure she just peed
  6. MasseurNaturel

    MasseurNaturel Well-Known Member

    I have roleplayed pee games with several ladies and find it very erotic. It is safe to drink, before playing drink plenty of water to lighten the taste and smell. Seeing it pouring from a lady is a very erotic view, it's also warm and realy turns me on whether as part of some sexy fun or as FemDom roleplay. Feeling the warm flood of pee during penetration is also very erotic. Some ladies have enjoyed me showering them with pee and drinking it or just spraying it all over them, most erotic was a lady in very sexy lingerie wanted me to pee all over her drenching her lingerie and stockings before slipping on her dress and escorting her to a bar. Very kinky.
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  7. Arlene Foxy

    Arlene Foxy Well-Known Member

    It's safe. At first you do feel a bit dirty though, but it becomes a sexual norm. More often than not my husband likes me to surprise with a pee session and from lowering myself over him and peeing to him now barging in the loo if he hears me peeing, he finds my pee a real turn on and I've become comfortable squatting just about anywhere and peeing for him. Only advice would be is avoid drinking caffeine products because it does make the pee smell nasty, you generally want to prove you're clean even when performing such.
  8. Swobbled

    Swobbled Member

    I have recently begun to dabble in water sports. It's something I fantasized about for many years before I could finally have the nerve to bring it to my husband. The first time we tried did not go so well and we put it off for another month or two. He couldn't go and then I was too embarrassed. Eventually, one night after several drinks, I got my fantasy come true. We've tried a few different places/positions now. I still think I have to go back to the first time for my favorite. I laid on the kitchen floor with a towel beneath my head. The cool of the linoleum and the heat of his fresh piss, all over my body, my tits, I arose to my knees and took it in my mouth, swallowed, all over my face, and I dripped with it. I think what I found so hot was the cleaning it up the next day, properly. Of course it had been dried up that night but my pussy tingled as I was on my hands and knees with scrubbing bubbles, just remembering every sensation from the night before. The shower was better for clean up but the water was too close to the same temperature to really explore the height of the sensation. Outside was very nice, buck naked on the porch as he stood over and pissed on me, but something even kinky-er about the kitchen ;-)
  9. John1234567

    John1234567 Well-Known Member

    I like watching my wife pee on my chest. Something about it shooting out of her pussy turns me on
  10. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    I peed in the ocean and put my hand in front of my dick to feel the nice warm stream while the rest of my hand is cold.
    Next time you go in the ocean remember you are standing in my pee.
  11. I want a cute skinny Spanish girl in her early 20's like I am to pee on my stomach after she comes off my cock.

    I love anything that's nasty, especially with a young Latin girl.

    I don't know how to ask since if would seem weird coming from me. You couldn't tell what I'm into by my first impression. When you meet me I just seem like a regular person.
  12. wildernesswanderer

    wildernesswanderer New Member

    I am into pee with anyone. I don't care. I love golden showers and want to explore more.
  13. JohnR

    JohnR Member

  14. JohnR

    JohnR Member

    We could be a perfect couple, idk if this makes me look very perv, but this turned me on
  15. Silverback64

    Silverback64 Well-Known Member

    This I really understand and its the same for me. The erotic voyeuristic vision of a woman allowing you to watch her do something that is uniquely feminine is a massive turn on.
    Its the fact that the urethra is right in the middle of the vaginal opening. Women normally squat to pee too. Also panties down round ankles and the soft feminine butt cheeks looking like the Top of a heart. Also that very womanly sound a woman's pee sounds like when its a big urgent pee. Guys pee silently but women hiss in a very erotic way.

    I'm not into being peed on but an wil! Let a woman do it for her pleasure. I've also peed on women as they've asked me to but I can take it or leave it.

    The most erotic thing for me is the very voyeuristic vision of a woman opening her legs the her vulva to be for you and you can see it actually leaving her body .
  16. let her piss all over me I love being weird
  17. neoprene_queen

    neoprene_queen Rebel Grrrl

    I find it to be a lot of fun.

    If I'm really turned on, I'll spread it around me, and moan.

    But most of the time I just kind of giggle. It's more funny than sexy.
  18. JoeyM51

    JoeyM51 Currently locked in chastity for the last 4 years.

    Urine is sterile and was used on wounds during the Civil War. Only after it breaks down does it smell like ammonia. So if you are with a healthy person you are fine. Urine is basically filtered water from your body. All the bad stuff has been filtered out. My wife, our girlfriend and I used pee games on and off during our 44 years of marriage. Mostly the ladies peeing in my mouth or all over my body, in the shower. Last time I was made to drink a large glass of pee before I was allowed to have an orgasm. I have also peed on girls and in their mouths.

    Do not do it with morning pee. Too strong a tasted unless you are into BDSM games. Have the person doing the peeing drink a lot of water all day long. When it comes time to pee on you, it will mostly taste like water that way. For us, the peeing was the easy part of using me as a toilet. :)
  19. BBW_Lover

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    Good topic.
    Have to share my experience.
    After 15 years of marriage, I developed the desire to have my wife pee on me. For years I had been strongly turned on when she would come into the bathroom when I was in there, sit on the toilet and start pissing loudly. I love the should it makes as it leaves her lovely folds. The loud hissing and spraying should had me intrigued and wanting to get closer.
    I had a hard time telling her and kept it to myself for a while. She has always been easy to share things with, but personally I have to get over the idea of saying it out loud first before I can process talking to her about it.
    It progressed into fantasizing about her pissing all over me, on my face, and even swallowing some.
    We were on our way out of town for an anniversary weekend (without our daughter) and I decided to tell her about my pissing interest.
    She is quite an amazing woman and was very open to pissing on me. She said she was not sure about it, but that she would try it.
    She could see how EXTREMELY AROUSED I was just talking about it and discussing doing it.
    Later that day when we got to the hotel room she asked if it was a good time to try it. I was so turned on by this point that I wanted to go ALL IN for my first time trying it.
    I asked her if it would freak her out if I was overcome with lust and I drank some, and she said if that is what I wanted to do it was okay with her.
    I laid on the bathroom floor and she squatted over my face and very slowly started to piss.
    IT WAS SO FUCKING HOT and such a turn on I struggled to catch as much as possible in my mouth and greedily gulped it down. It tasted a little strong, but it was such a turn on I was literally shaking!!! She was very surprised by how much I liked it and she was pleased that it made me so happy.
    Over the weekend I slurred down a good amount of my wife's fine golden wine and enjoyed every drop.
    We are planning another vacation next month and I have some extremely HOT piss ideas to try out. I would love to be her personal urinal for the entire trip, but we will see how it goes.
    She pisses on my hand some days when we can only sneak away for a few moments. She is so amazing, sometime she comes home and says "I have been saving a HOT PISS for hours and you better get in the shower right now if you want me to share it with you!!".
    Honestly, from my perspective, it is very intimate. I love my wife so much that I feel like this just brings us closer. I have shared this feeling with her and she is delighted that we can share something like this that brings us close together. She has no desire to enjoy my piss, and that is fine, but she said she will give me all the pee I can handle if I want it.
    Damn I am the luckiest man alive!!
  20. tumbling.dice

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