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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by coolkenny13, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. coolkenny13

    coolkenny13 Member

    ok so how many of you have pee fetishes here . stories ? tried it ? or anything ? post here ? . i myself have this fetish and me and my girlfriend want to try it . she basically wants to pee on my body and mouth kind of thing . is it safe to do this thing . also can i just pee in her mouth .if anything gets swallowed its not harmful right ? i know many of yourll find it disgusting but people do have these fetishes . so post your stories here
  2. Nitepanther

    Nitepanther Member

    Urine is sterile so it's perfectly safe to play around like that. Yeah it's a little weird but who cares what someone on a message board thinks? If you're both into it and having fun, go for it.
  3. Kama

    Kama Member

    I am a big fan of it myself. My wife first introduced me to it in the shower one day, without telling me what was going on. We always mess around some, putting my cock between her legs and wiggling around and stuff, but that day she let go with a nice hot piss all over my cock. We have enjoyed different pee related play since then. It is very arousing and intimate if you ask me.

    One thing - if you plan to actually drink it as in swallow, you will have to prepare yourself mentally a bit beforehand. There is a reflex reaction or something that makes it very hard to swallow the first time or two. First time I tried it, I was choking, sputtering, eyes watering (not that you could tell lolol) and the wife was like "wow that looked uncomfortable" and I was like" No, it was insanely erotic and arousing!"

    One of my favorite aspects of this isnt directly related to it though - these days, if we are out and I say something like "Hey I'm thirsty, lets grab a drink" she will give me this sly little smile & wink and say something like "I can give you a drink right now!"

    its hot.
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  4. coolkenny13

    coolkenny13 Member

    nice ! so you have tried swallowing and drinking it on many occasions ? im not uncomfortable or anything . just really wanted to try something cool and new for both of us .what else have you tried doing with the pee. i mean not like you can do anything much with pee but the cock between the legs and she pissing on it was a nice thing . any other ideas
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  5. Kama

    Kama Member

    We went from that to me laying down so she could get it all over, wherever she felt like aiming lol.

    I only started getting it in the face recently, done it a few times now. Protips: dont go for the first morning pee, and after she has a few drinks, it might as well be water.
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  6. Boogie_Boy

    Boogie_Boy Member

    Pissing is such a HUGE FETISH FOR ME. I do it almost everyday. If you want I'll post my techniques to see if you want to try them with you gf...or when you jerk off.
  7. Kama

    Kama Member

    be careful, Boogie Boy takes it to a whole other level....

  8. Boogie_Boy

    Boogie_Boy Member

    Yes! Yes I do. ;) lol...
  9. coolkenny13

    coolkenny13 Member

    cmmon boogie boy show me what you go . show me the force ( technique)
  10. tomboy_chick

    tomboy_chick Member

    i don't have this fetish, but i have discovered that guys like to watch me pee. so i sometimes leave the bathroom door open for them.
  11. tommyhot

    tommyhot Member

    I dig the pee. I've drank lots of mine over the years as well.
  12. robin banks

    robin banks Member

    Water sports can be fun
  13. Boogie_Boy

    Boogie_Boy Member

    LOL. Well, if you want to read some of my stories, just find them in some of the other piss fetish threads. I wouldn't want to copy and paste. If you want to know my techniques, just let me know what you want to try with your gf and I'll private message you and tell you all you want to know.
  14. andiwinters

    andiwinters Member

    I think the last time I went down on Jen she might have peed a bit in my mouth when she cane (I know I've done it a little when Mike has been eating me).

    I think if I was going to try it (and I've been considering having a go at least once as I think you should try almost anything once (and then once more to check!) - I'd probably try it with Jen. The idea of having her standing over me (in the bath I assume) and watching her piss over me before I lick her little cunt clean definitely does something for me...
  15. RokMyBobbySox

    RokMyBobbySox Member

    The guy that I most frequent with now is asking me to do the "water sports" with him. I have never done it and don't know if I could. Stage fright and all. He he. Ever since we have talked about it I been 'researching it' and fiinding it as such a turn on. All he wants to do though is simply eat me out while I sit on his face and then piss on him.. so he can eat me while he is covered in it and I taste like it. I think its hot now. IDK though.. still shy even though we did pretty much everything else he he.. er besides scat.
  16. scrubs900

    scrubs900 Guest

    Okay I have a pee fetish, but I am I guess you say bladder shy. I have this friend with benefits & I get him down & I go to pee in his mouth, but then I can't. I drink a lot of water. Heck I've tried drinking a lot of things to see if anything would work and nothing. After he leaves or I leave I have to go or even before I see him or when I am with him I havo to go, but then I get on top of his face/mouth and nothing..... I feel so stupid and bad cuz I dominate him and threaten him then I get up there and notta. Its gotten to the point that he wants it. I don't know what to do.. Anybody have any suggestions?
  17. Rudenoodle

    Rudenoodle Minister of propaganda Lifetime Supporter

    I piss on my feet every morning and night in the shower, it supposedly kills athletes foot or something.
  18. silk896

    silk896 Member

    There's a voyeuristic aspect to watching people pee, and during sex - esp with another woman - you'll encounter urine accidentally.

    But as far as wanting to use it as a sexual fetish - I don't have that button.
  19. I once peed inside a girl she loved it because she loved the feeling of cum being shot in her when I pulled my dick out all the piss came out lol
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  20. bonita95

    bonita95 Member

    my lover said my chest leans forward when i wee. weeing feels good obviously cos you are relieving your tightness after drinks :)

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