pedo teachers, did you have one??

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by deleted, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    I had a pedo teacher and It kinda makes me sick now to think that theres nothing i can do about it. Maybe there is. While I wouldnt disclose to much info.. I know that some that touching and hitting, some forceful stripping,
    and turn and cough exams couldnt have and shouldnt have been done by Lay teachers in a chatholic school. I dont know what right a school nurse has to touch a child being male or female..
    I was thinking some crazy stuff, after looking into the lives of some of the student there. Seems like there were and are many people that had really bad criminal problems that went to that school...
    Some of them students are really fucked up on drugs and local loser drunks.
    So I begin to wonder if there is a connection..:confused:
  2. Xac

    Xac Visitor

    Well i have already mentioned my kindergarten teacher in a pervious thread, no need to rehash, but i had a few creepy teachers in HS, however i dont think it would be right to say they were defiantley pedophiles.
  3. telephone

    telephone weird

    My 7th grade english teacher ended up getting arrested for molesting a student a few years after I had him. He was like 7 feet tall and most students were about as tall as his waist....

    and my high school was known for teacher-student relations, oh man. like 4 got busted in the past few years
  4. *°GhOsT°LyRiC°*

    *°GhOsT°LyRiC°* Supporters HipForums Supporter

    i think about that and get really freaked about my son when hes ready to go to school. i would be put in prison for murder to the 3rd degree if any faculty member touches my kid. no, i take that back, i just wouldnt get caught and plan it out to the extreme.
  5. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    These were male teachers you're talking about?
  6. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    yes, male teachers. There was also a few female Lay teachers..
    There was alot of abuse there and the school has long been closed..

    I recall alot of weird stuff, and I couldnt stand going there at a very early grade..
    Back then they didnt listen to you if you said something was wrong..
    When I left there my grades improved sharply, so did attendance..
    I got kicked out cause I had to do something drastic to get out of there...
    6th grade I ripped the cover off a nuns head cause she touched me..
    ok.. that nun was wacko too, assault you for no reasons.
    And there was way to much of that going on...

    One time the whole school could not play any type of ball games. This went on for years. no kick balls, no tossing a sock in the yard..
    That was when some of the more serious abuse happened..
    A nun got hit with a ball.. and they took all activities away..
    It was strange...

    I dont think there is a statue of limitation in Pennsylvania for sex assaults..
    if someone started the ball rolling, someone or the diocese would have to face the allegations..
  7. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    this one time I had a cough real bad and I was coughing my head off.. And i asked to get some water and this fucking **** nun came over and grabbed me by my throat.. Choking me...

    This kid Keith was a cripple and had a rocking habit and would rock in his chair, this same nun would beat the shit out of him...
    So sad..

    Keith had a Indian doll, "Tonto" and was playing in the yard the nun called it the DEVIL. I remember that like yesterday. Tontos war paints make him the DEVIL.. THEY ACT LIKE DEVILS AND SAVAGES.. when he had the doll a second time she beat the shit out him as he was leaving the classroom.. Told him never to bring it again as she ripped it from his book bag while it was hidden.. smacking his head against a door. :( I was right behind him.
    Cause him and were playing with this doll in yard. We had to sit on the floor all week or longer..
  8. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    So you were molested by a nun then? I've always been curious about that, because that was a fantasy of mine when I was young.
  9. Dave_techie

    Dave_techie I call Sheniangans

    I was friends with a teacher who was accused.

    he wasn't, I mean, I was at his fucking house for gods sakes, he tried NOTHING

    (I was at his house because I was learning about fire engines, he'd just gotten one, he, family friend, yada yada, turns out it was one of jim jones fire engines)
  10. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    the beating were from nuns, and they touched, nothing to major. I dont think hey really knew what to do with it..
    The worst was this man teacher and the belt, I think its illegal now to take a childs pants down.. smack you and put his hands on you..
    The time i had enough of him putting his hands on me.
    He used to lean on this podium forward and I put 3 in 1 oil on the floor and he tilted it to lean and fell over, smashing his fingers.
    Didnt know it ws me, but he knew it was me Ill bet.. pretty damn smart for 5th grader..

    what is a jim jones firetruck?
  11. zilla939

    zilla939 Thought Police Lifetime Supporter

    yeah but he was hot so it was cool, boobies.
  12. sarahrei

    sarahrei ~Lover~

    There was a teacher at my highschool that lost his licence for sleeping with a student, I can't say that I blame him though alot of the girls in my highschool were sluts, and he was pretty hot.
  13. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    none of them nuns were very pretty..
    they looked like gargoyles.. :(
  14. Dave_techie

    Dave_techie I call Sheniangans

    a truck that was owned by the mount gilead fire department, then was bought at surplus auction by jim jones' church in the u.s. before the whole, changing countries thing.
  15. bekyboo52

    bekyboo52 52~unknown~52

    my sisters teacher was accused of pedophilia a while back but he got cleared.... i still think hes a pedo thou......hes really creepy
  16. daisymae

    daisymae I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy

    I had an macho asshole gym teacher, he made me stand up in front of the class and kept throwing a soccer ball at me, telling me to hit it with my chest.
    My boobies were sore because they are when they first start growing so I wouldn't do it, I just kept catching the ball with my hands.

    Control freak much?
  17. emelia

    emelia the resident gangsta

    My old physics teacher when I was like 9 HAD to be a pedo. He'd stare down all of our tops (even though there wasn't much there o_O) and try and give us massages O_O

    We were all like 'bitch please, you ain't giving me no massage' (or to that effect), so he didn't try anymore :cool:

    Apart from this weird German kid, Julian, who enjoyed his massages. He'd start rubbing his back in the middle of class and he loved it o_O

    I found out a few months ago from an old friend that the physics teacher got fired XD I hope he didn't actually do anything abusive, though.
  18. daisymae

    daisymae I'm a Rhinestone Cowboy

    They always do. Can't control your sexual urges forever...
  19. lynzxx

    lynzxx Senior Member

    i had one yeah.. he was fired from his last job because he was caught in the toilets with a student given him head.. he'd always flirt with all of us girls. wat a creep
  20. babyhellfire

    babyhellfire Banned

    Had some creepy creepy subs..I don't think they background checked the substitutes there well enough or something - eeww.
    I heard some stories about other teachers.. none of them ever messes with me thou

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