Pearl Jam

Discussion in 'UK Music Forum' started by Spyder, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Spyder

    Spyder La dah de dah

    Pearl Jam rock! especially this live album im listening to!
  2. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    Vitalogy is an amazing is ten...and no code...i'm not too familiar with the rest...but they definitley have their moments
  3. Man_In_A_Shed

    Man_In_A_Shed Member

    I've never been able to get into them, they just seem boring to me...
  4. bokonon

    bokonon Senior Member

    Yeah I never really got into them either, Nirvana was my band when Pearl Jam came about. Not that they're in the same boat or anthing, but I didn't give any band as much time as I gave Nirvana back then!

    A friend of mine who I lived with for a spell was pretty big on them, I remember he got me liking 'Biannual' (?) - Something like that - With the nice ukelele number 'Soon Forget'. But the more rocky stuff did bore me too.
  5. showmet

    showmet olen tomppeli

    After reading that I instantly went and downloaded this ukulele choon, thinking that Pearl Jam might finally have gone cool, but unfortunately Eddie Vedder *really* can't play the uke for toffee. It's truly a man's instrument, and shouldn't be taken lightly.

    I'm just in denial though, Pearl Jam's "Ten" was the first CD I ever bought:eek:
  6. JOsie

    JOsie Member

    sorry to nitpick...but it's binaural:p
  7. ArtLoveMusic

    ArtLoveMusic Senior Member

    pearl jam are pretty wikkid. Even Flow is such a wikkid song.
  8. Beautiful_Day

    Beautiful_Day Member


    and there album with Neil Young, Mirrorball is awesome :)
  9. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    Ahhh Pearl jam!!..

    I love them..

    Always have.. always will!!..

    I love having a break from them now and then... then putting it on and just loving it all over again..

    Ten and verses were my favorites!!

  10. island dweller

    island dweller I Love Wind

    I hate pearljam, the song jeremy makes me wanna beat up the tv when it comes on a music channel... the lead singer has a voice on a par with the guy from creed *shudders*, sorry but i am not a fan :(
  11. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    *Note to self.. Hide all pearl Jam albums next week*

  12. Dandelion_Blood

    Dandelion_Blood Gremlin

    People like Pearl Jam,, *faints* finally i found people... i used to be mocked for my love of Pearl Jam :( ....No more Yay :p

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