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Discussion in 'Show Your Piece' started by MacFeast, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. MacFeast

    MacFeast Member

    Here's my homemade bong made out of a pear. It works!

    Here's the bong:

    Here's me tokin' up:

    And exhale:

    Is that not the simplest bong you have ever seen?
  2. kennywicked

    kennywicked Member

    is that a pipe or a bong?
  3. MacFeast

    MacFeast Member

    A bong...a very compact one.
  4. shaba

    shaba Grand Inquisitor

    does it make the marijuana taste like pears?
  5. MacFeast

    MacFeast Member

    The smoke itself doesn't taste like pears but when you take your lips off the mouthpiece you can taste pears, it takes away that after-taste from the smoke. But that bong is discarded now, it was getting rotten.
  6. SirTokesAlot

    SirTokesAlot Lives

    *sigh* this is why im embarrased to say im 15... cuz kids like this are making pear pipes... and on top of that, calling them bongs... lol
  7. haha, how do people confuse bongs with pipes? The difference is relativly clear...
  8. fitzy21

    fitzy21 Worst RT Mod EVAH!!!!

    that looks cool. i made an apple pipe before and then ate it after i smoked 2 bowls out of it. it was quite the delicious snack...or maybe it was gross...who knows, i was really stoned that night and i thought it tasted good.
  9. kennywicked

    kennywicked Member

    why would you make an apple/pear piipe but use tin foil.
  10. Colours

    Colours Senior Member

    beeeeeeecause its the only way to make the bowl? If not, i dont know, ive never made one before.
  11. MacFeast

    MacFeast Member

    Don't worry it's a bong, I'm not that stupid (the smoke goes through the water by way of the stem). It's just really, really small.

    If you look closely in the picture, im smoking it through the top, and I have a joint stuck in the stem (too small to add a bowl).

    Anyways, as I said, it's discarded now and I gots a real bong now.
  12. check it out bud. i wish i could see your pictures but i cant. but someone said you're using aluminum foil? naw bud that's all bad, you dont have to do that at all. i've mad a couple with my buds. they work amazingly, and that taste delicious afterwards. you may want to drink the bongwater, but dont do it. yuck.
    anyways, i'll try to explain the process to you.
    1.get materials:
    -pen, knife, scissors, whatever. something to make long holes that arent too big.
    2. cut stem off pear, begin using your sharp tool to dig into the middle of the pear. you want to use a firm circular motion until you reach near the bottom. be careful not to go too far, you could bust through the bottom, like i did. but dont worry, most pears come with stickers on them! or you could just take a pear shaving and shove it into the hole, like i did. flawless victory.
    3. after you have a narrowish hole to the almost bottom of the bear, it's time to make the bowl and downstem. again, take your tool, and this tool should be pretty skinny like a knife. around the middle of the pear you're going to want to cut a slit. around an inch long, from the middle of the pear down and connected to the lower chamber. this slit is the downstem and the hole for the bowl. see, if you were to make the hole with a knife or something similar, the hole would have to be big since you have to go down a ways, and the weed would fall through the easily unless you have a screen. the slit is a way to do the hole thing and keep a narrow passage way for no weed to fall through!
    4. now it's time to carve out the bowl. take your bladed tool, knives and scissors work great. stab the blade into the the slit a little ways, tilt it to the side and being turning it in a circle. you should shave off just enough pear to make a decent bowl. dry it off, cause pear is a juicy fruit. which is why it is so satisfying when you eat it afterwards.
    5. last step, and this one is optional, make a carb. hole the bong like you would hold it while taking a hit and wherever there is a finger near the top, preferably the thumb, put a hole there. VOILA! there's your pear bong. nothing but pear. just pour a little water in there, load up a bowl and you're good to go. oh also, beware while pouring water in there because it's easy too pour too much, which results in a wet bowl, wet pear and probably some wet jeans. have fun.
    i will go to the store later and get some pears. ill take pictures, and even give you guys a video of it in use

    *i am not responsible for any injuries sustained in the making or use of pear bong*
    *for tobacco use only*

  13. i just bumped a 6 year old thread. fuck yeah victory

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