Peanut butter pasta!

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    posted this on vegan, might as well post in here to!

    The first time i had this dish was backpacking through the Colorado rockies, so i will make the point that this dish is backpacker friendly if you're into that kind of stuff! (lots of protein and super filling).

    What you need:
    one box Cavatappi (aslo called Cellentani) noodles (trust me, it matters if they are Cavatappi)
    one jar ORGANIC smooth peanut butter (again, it matters that its natural and organic, the kind that you can see the oil on top)
    a little bit of peanut oil
    a little bit of soy sauce
    a little bit of Saracha chili sauce

    What you need to do:
    Cook up the noodles according to the directions on the box (if you are camping, and packing out your pasta in bags, then remember to cut out the directions and slip it in the bag with the pasta, or dont, fuck the system, man!) and drain. then, returning the noodles to the pot, scoop out about half, to three fourths of the jar of peanut butter to the noodles, and then add some peanut oil (just a little, its really only there to help the mixing process easer). Add just a little bit of soy sauce and saracha, then taste to see if it need more.


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