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    Aloha to all. My real name is Jim Ford. I believe that one should live their life.With peace and happiness. I got 10,000 dollars and I want to move somewhere. I want to meet a girl that is simple easy going.I love cooking.I love the Mountains oceans anywhere outdoors. I like writing poems.Very soon I get some more money.At least it's a new start. I'm in very good shape. I'm 55 years old.Age does not matter for me for the girl that wants to pack your bags and get up and go.No commitments of course.I hope somebody out there. I live in Reno Nevada right now. 60 days I can move.
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    Welcome Friend, I'm new her too and this site seems like it's going to be some bumpin times
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    Aloha new friends.
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    you might want to try posting in the personals forum

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