Peace Rally?

Discussion in 'Canada' started by environmental_junkie, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Why not start one... .. This would be profound... all around the country...Protest all issues... everyone around the country in all citys can post about it, we will figure out a specific day to start the protest, people in all citys make everyone aware, flyers, posters ect... it would be phoenominal if it happend wouldn't it, people around the county all pertisipating... i know it sounds like a impossible dream but if we started throwing out some ideas on here, who knows where they could lead us.... :rolleyes:
  2. Beach Bum

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    right on sis
    me and a friend were thinkin about somethin similar,
    just have to get up the time and energy in plannin
  3. Well it's entirly possible. The internet does serve a purpose and we could get our word across. We could even start to plan it on here...? Any ideas
  4. nimh

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  5. chaos

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  6. MoonIsBright

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    Well, we should set up a human be-in like back in the day. Stage it in like, Alberta or BC where the law is a little more lighter.

  7. jamaica

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    isn't there an annual peace rally already? in vancouver anyway? i thought last year or the year before noam chomsky was even there to speak??
  8. chaos

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    i think that demo where chomsky spoke at was against the iraq war, not an annual thing. but maybe it will be...
  9. jamaica

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    yeah, it was the iraq war but i guess i thought it was annual but bigger than normal. so if its not yes there should be an annual thing

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