Paula Deen's Racism Scandal

Discussion in 'People' started by Aerianne, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    What do you think of all this? Do you think Paula Deen deserves to lose all the endorsements or do you think she should be allowed to carry on as if nothing had ever been said?

  2. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  3. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    This reminds me of a skit they did on the old Mary Hartman t.v. show . On the show another lady had a t.v, show .As I remember it was Mary's sistor . She said some thing like this . The producer pick me up at the air port , he is Jewish , its too bad they killed Christ . As a part of the show the statement created problems for her .
    P.S. I am posting the lines from an old t.v. show , I dont believe the Jews killed Christ .
  4. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I think that public personalities, who have profited off all types of people, ought to have the sense not to offend them.
  5. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    I am not inside this lady's head , I dont know if she is a raciest , or she said some thing that has been takken out of context.
  6. Maelstrom

    Maelstrom Banned

    I never paid attention to the fat cow who added sticks of butter to every meal she prepared, but I believe she deserved being removed from the network.
  7. odonII

    odonII O

    It's a difficult one. I never use that type of language. I don't use slang words for peoples colour/sexuality etc.
    So I can't really understand how a person who uses those types of words in the way she did can also spend some quality time with Oprah, for e.g. Invite coloured people on her show etc etc. It could be said people of her generation use the words they were brought up using - it doesn't mean they also share those types of prejudices that the words may convey. But, she should have had a realisation in the last couple of decades, and struck those types of words from her vocabulary if she wasn't 'that way inclined'.
    On the other hand, her 'buddying' up with people like Oprah might be just to improve her celebrity status.

    She does look a little two-faced - but I really don't know her.

    I don't blame them dumping her. Her brand has been tarnished.
  8. loveofrhyme

    loveofrhyme Member

    I don't see it as a big deal; karma's going to have its way and she'll learn her lesson. It's all good. :2thumbsup:
  9. I just wonder why the hell people care so much about Paula Deen...

    (that said I do think people can say whatever they want...and other people can be offended too if they want. shrugs.)
  10. TexasGal

    TexasGal Member

    Im an african american and I dont really care. She doesn't pay any of my bills so who cares if she's racist or not.. I dont judge her because of it either
  11. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    I think it may be that alot of people loved her as the sweet southern girl she portrays and now they are shocked and feel betrayed to learn of her behavior.
  12. TexasGal

    TexasGal Member

    He who has not sinned should cast the first stone
  13. Grainpsilo

    Grainpsilo Member

    I think the bitch is annoying but she can cook so I don't mind her.

    She is from the south and they are still very racist down there. I spent 8 months in New Orleans and was shocked and how loosely the n bomb is dropped in polite conversation. I am from NY and a mother fucker will cut you for that.
  14. ClintonsSon

    ClintonsSon's Me!!

    I think they have went WAY overboard and we have ALL said things that we should not and they need to just back off and leave the white haired racist lady alone!! JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!! JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!! (ahem)
  15. Aerianne

    Aerianne Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Apparently, her endorsers don't trust the public to do that.
  16. odonII

    odonII O

  17. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

  18. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    she deserves whatever her audience and marketers decide she deserves, this is America. don't agree with her, boycott her shit. if you support her, then support her.

    myself i try to vote with my dollars, i don't spend at places that i disagree with strongly, and respect the right of everyone to do so, even though few actually do think about where they spend their money and what that supports.

    to my way of thinking, there is a difference.
    a public restruant or a stage play or a movie, intended for the public, is more apt to be satire, a political statement, a "performance" of some kind, etc. when you talk about ****** slaves at a private family wedding, that says something completely different, to me at least. same as people got all wound up about Rick Perry and their family joke about "****** Rock" in Texas.

    If that was painted on the rock, named that on a map, it would be a cultural thing to me, as an inside family joke thats not for public consumption but only told between family and friends, that says something completely different.

    Chris Rock yelling ****** on stage in front of an audience is not the same as Paula privately joking with her family about having slaves at a family wedding. think on that a minute... families, gathered for a white wedding, and black "slaves" in attendance.

    ya Paula, it's just a joke, we get it.

    Oh, hi and welcome, and yes, well said !
  19. Lynnbrown

    Lynnbrown Firecracker

    I have been following this, and frankly I was shocked at how easily she answered the question as to had she ever said the n-word...she replies promptly "Yes, of course". Then, she adds, after a moment..."But it's been a long time."

    I thought yeah, since that ex-manager of your's that is suing your 2 faced ass heard you? I doubt it.

    She got "caught". I hate that the woman that worked for Paula and her brother had to go through what she did, but I'm glad Ms. Deen's facade has been broken (shattered is more like it).

    It seems to me the reason all of this has come out is being overlooked. It is because she is being sued by an ex-manager because of intolerable work conditions - sexual harassment, bigotry and an overall hostile work environment is how it was worded I believe.

    Well, of course, I don't know her either, but she always struck me as being rather insincere. I agree that a lot probably has to do with how you were rasied...which I was not raised to be, think, act like that. In fact, I didn't even know what the n-word meant until I heard it on the school bus and came home and asked.

    However, since this is a grown woman I am not giving her that easy of an out. She is well past the age of knowing what is right, wrong and that she should NOT talk like that. I guess she can't help being a racist/bigot; but she can damn well control her tongue and act professional when she is at work and dealing with people.

    Yeah...this is her karma. She is being exposed, and is reaping the results of her actions (and her mouth too). :2thumbsup:
  20. The thing is people on tv (like that Jessica chick on the Colbert report) keep saying things about how "okay it doesn't matter that she said the N word but damn her cooking is gonna kill people" ....and then ppl go into her having diabetes n all that... the thing is... now, I don't follow this woman's show and know almost nothing about her other than what everyone knows... but, correct me if i'm wrong here but this lady does not claim to be giving out health food or healthy recipes, correct?
    sooooo... because she uses lots of butter and fries things, etc.... somehow SHE is responsible if ppl make her recipes all the damn time n get diabetes??

    the whole thing- that ^^ and the racism thing is just giving one older, southern lady a little bit too much power, yes?

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