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Discussion in 'People' started by dasBenzin, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. dasBenzin

    dasBenzin Member

    Pat Robertson. *sigh* I believe he is either the most ignorant man on the planet or the smartest. Can't make up my mind.
    I watch the 700 hundred club often (Know your enemy :) ) and the vile lies he spews about Muslims astound me.
    Last year I was invited to a debate at the Christian Broadcasting Network's Regency University (I live in the same city as good ol' Pat)
    The debate was supposed to help Christians understand Islam a little better, and to improve the relationships between all of us. When we arrived, they made all the Muslims sit in the balcony, away from the area where questions could be asked of the speaker. A friend of mine, a fellow Muslim, a man from Morrocco, had brought a tin of cookies with him to eat at the debate. HE had to use the bathroom while we were there and he left his tin on the seat. Within minutes, someone had called the police and the bomb squad, and nearly arrested my friend!
    He tried to make a joke out of it to security, because he felt that they must be embarassed, but everyone was very angry with us and glared at us all until we left.
    Furthermore, on his programme, Pat Robertson states that Muslims hate Christians and that the women are oppressed. It is very sad that many people believe these lies. He also states that the CAIR organization (an organization that helps tell people about Islam and provide legal services for Muslims) funds Hamas and supports terror organizations.
    When will this man be stopped?
  2. stuntdragon1

    stuntdragon1 Member

    that is ridiculous. It seems to me that Pat tends to downplay every culture except the one he believes in. No respect at all. And they can't make people sit in certain sections because of thier religion. Man I would've made a scene about that.
  3. dasBenzin

    dasBenzin Member

    I wanted to make a scene, but I was pregnant at the time and I felt it would not behoove me to be arrested. Also, none of us were aware at the time that we were being made to sit in the balcony until we noticed after the program began that we were all upstairs and would not be able to ask questions.
  4. stuntdragon1

    stuntdragon1 Member

    Man that sucks! What channel hosts that show anyway?
  5. I have seen that show a few times. That guy is so full of crap.
  6. stickchick24

    stickchick24 Member

    I agree with you. He reminds me of a cult leader.

    Peace & Love
  7. dasBenzin

    dasBenzin Member

    Like a cult leader but more dangerous because whereas most cults are exclusionist (that is, driving most people away) Pat Robertson is inclusionist, encouraging as many people to join his organization as possible.
    stuntdragon, I'm not sure what station he would come on in the Carolinas, as he comes on a few stations up here. Check your local TV listings.
    The most insidious part about it is that so many people follow this man's beliefs and send them their money. There is a segment on his show that encourages poor people to send the last of their savings to the show, siting that God will bless them ten-fold or some other such nonsense.
  8. taxrefund90

    taxrefund90 Member

    yea, he is crazy. but the part about the women isn't exactly false
  9. leigh41663

    leigh41663 Member

    People are oppressed everywhere, most just don't realize it. They have "elections" therefore they are free. (lol)

    Welcome to the NWO "christianity". (luciferism)
  10. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Pat Robertson COMPLAINING about womyn being oppressed? Now I have heard everything. He has nothing but contempt for feminism or womyn in general. (Unless they do exactly what he thinks they should do.)

    Damn, that was like something out of To Kill a Mockingbird.

    Das, are you Muslim? Robertson is a scary dude, lemme tell you.

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