Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by cadcruzer, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. cadcruzer

    cadcruzer Sailing the 8 seas

    my 1st trip to dam in feb. is gettin close i assume i'll need a passport wheres best an cheapiest way to get them? well fastest way is most important now! can any 1 help out on this like how long do they take to get ?
  2. dhs

    dhs Senior Member

    Go to the Post Office - pretty much the only place to get one. you can expedite the service for an extra $35. I was in your shoes about a year ago and it cost me $135, I got it in 3 weeks and I don't think you'll find a cheaper way. Its a government issued ID - so what Uncle Sam wants for it, he takes.

    Have fun - stay away from the Bull Dog Coffee shops - utter crap. I think Barney's was my favorite there


    People take such risks booking a holiday without getting their passport first. A friend of mine lost out on a holiday this way because he couldn't get it in time. For the UK it takes approx 3 weeks but there is a way of getting it in an hour for a price and travelling to the central office. Good luck, you still have time I'm sure.
    I'm there again in February too.
    Have a good one Cadcruzer
  4. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    Nemisis, how often do you go? IS this business or do you just grab a cheap flight everyonce in a while?


    UK to A'dam flights are called ''City hoppers''.
    Relatively cheap for us Brits to get there and back.
    Are you familiar with A'dam.?
  6. mafuman

    mafuman Banned

    i go once a year, for many years now.
    i know amsterdam very well, enough to get lost everytime i go.
  7. KansasCity

    KansasCity Member

    Check the US Post Office website ( to see if your closest PO does passports, as not all do. I know the one in NKC and the one downtown KC does, as does the one up by KCI. They only do passports between 9 AM and 4 PM.

    Go to your lcoal Kinko's first to get the passport pictures, and make sure you take a certified copy (complete with raised stamp, and not a photocopy) of your birth certificate.

    You can also get the passport form online at the US State Department site. Just go to Google and type in "US Passport application form". Saves you time filling in the form at the Post Office.

    We sent ours off using their standard mail the end of November, and got them within a couple of weeks without paying the extra "expedited" fee, for a total of $85 each. You should be fine if you don't delay...

    Have fun, and be sure to post back here with some tips for your fellow KCers! We're going in mid-April, and can't wait!
  8. cadcruzer

    cadcruzer Sailing the 8 seas

    hey thx all called post office in my town they said 180 with expidited service which is fine so i done it im just 50 miles north of kc st. joe going mid feb is my plan right now i will post after trip planning on going again in aug. with group but cant wait till then so going solo 1st time

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