Parker Lewis Can't Lose

Discussion in 'TV' started by hailtothekingbaby, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. A wonderful comedy series about an '50s American high school boy and his friends, a science geek and a motorcycle-driving rocker... I used to watch it at the Belgian channel but it hasn't been broadcasted for ages. I miss it! :(

    Does anyone else know the series? What do you think about it?
  2. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    You may be describing "Happy Days". If it hasn't happened already, "Happy Days" probably will be released on DVD.

    If I remember "Parker Lewis..." was set in the time period it was broadcast, the late 80's.
  3. Really? Well, it was full of the "grease" atmosphere, with those hairdos and diners and stuff, if I recall correctly. I watched every episode of the series and am absolutely certain it was called Parker Lewis Can't Lose. I've never even heard of any show called Happy Days. Though it's a long time ago so I might have pinpointed the wrong timesetting.
  4. Ole Goat seems correct -- Parker Lewis Can't Lose was set in the late 80's.

    The show that you are describing sounds more like Happy Days, but I don't remember a 'science geek'.
  5. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    "Happy Days" had charaters named 'Richie and Fonzie (Arthur Fonzerelli)'. It was set in, I think - but could be wrong, Minneapolis. At least in the Midwest somewhere.
    "Happy Days" was based on the movie "American Graffitti" directed by George Lucus.

    In fact, 'Richie" was played by Ron Howard, who went on to Directing - winning an Oscar for "A Beautiful Mind"

    Parker Lewis was set in California, typically in a High School setting.

    "Parker Lews" was short lived as a series, only a couple of seasons.
    "Happy Days" was on for about 10 years or so. Give or take a couple of seasons.
  6. Happy Days = Milwaukee, Wisconsin ;)
  7. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    Yup...your're right.
  8. lol, both shows are pretty classic. but yeah, parker lewis was not from the 50s, i'm sure
  9. Unkle_John

    Unkle_John Member

    paker lewis was a scaled down version of "ferris Buller" ..but then a nother channel launch "ferris buller" into a series as well
  10. Oh, okay, eighties then. :) Suits me fine, what matters it that it was funny.

    Like these returning moments of synchronising their watches *swish! swish! swish!* before they played their schemes. I wish it was back on. :(
  11. gesone

    gesone Member

    I used to love that show! Wow! I had almost forgotten about that series.
  12. Ole_Goat

    Ole_Goat Member

    It seems overlooked TV series have gained some sort of extended life on the international reruns circut. I wonder if "My Mother the Car" (circa 1964) is being shown someplace in the world.

    What other TV shows are being shown?
  13. Faerie

    Faerie Peachy

    Parker Lewis had "Sincronize Swatches" The made the swatch watch cool

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