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    Ever have a short lived particular self-esteem that was so great, and then all of a sudden something or someone, unseen but present, either buried you with a different esteem or took the very esteem you had and attempted to replay it close as though to closely match it?

    ^^Those unseen but felt present are astral projectors who are close just to rob you out of you being you. All those that ever left fore me were (are) robbers, but the human part to the astral projection did understand them.

    These astral projector ppl know what's going on, but wont tell you simply because they are robbers in that too. There purpose in life is to rob you out of having a lone and clear natural mind, body, will, esteem, emotion, 5 senses, and desire. Therefore a whom is produced when it's never you alone. What goes on in your life can be captured and replayed in a distorted way in dreams even which are induced by astral projectors.

    I received self-esteem by the higher Me only to step back and see it short lived by astral projectors who reconstruct it in some other way and live as that. They read you in a sense to sum it up. They bury you in the astral body of them.

    Of the 5 senses the seeing sense can be manipulated only when you are in a half sleep to full sleep state. The receptor in the brain is the part that receives sight by either eyes or the astral person in you're brain that wants you to see whatever they want. [​IMG]

    Ever question ppl's intelligence in how they got certain info as if on you in how they be hinting it in the flesh from close or afar? The astral projector's have a joined person (they refer to as God) sort of like an internet that can be promped upon by the will of them. The higher you is far from that God and plus is out to deal with that so called God the astral projectors are as.

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