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  1. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    YOu guys, i dont know whats going on with me
    Im feeling so anxious lately, when im totally sober. ive cut down smoking because my highs starting getting really shitty but somedays, ONLY somedays, when im by myself i start shitty, it all sucks, and i start getting worried. i used to be a very calm carefree person, then i just feeel like sitting here and crying out and shit.....this is very unlike me if you know me and if someone read this out of my friends theyd be shocked. This is fucking pathetic i know but thats what i feel like. Why am i having these problems? ive also been really anal to my friends and they think im acting down lately...anyone have anwsers for me?
  2. bertrose

    bertrose Member

    I don't know u very well enough to know whats wrong with u, if u could elaborate on what exactly u feel? maybe ideas on why ur getting all anxious? i have no idea...
  3. ThinK

    ThinK Member

    I can relate man... I used to get bummed out after smoking too, not because I didnt like the high, but because I starting having alot more realizations about certain things(society, school, current situation etc). I guess sometimes herb can open you up to negative thoughts just because (for me) weed really brings out the truth in alot of things(sounds cliche but..), and the truth is there ARE alot of negative things in this world that can be analyzed and easily get down about, but then again there are alot of amazing positive things too.. Sometimes weed can show you both of 2 worlds..There could be alot of factors as to which it brings you(stress, (social) anxiety etc.) - I'm really not sure, but my advice is to cut down or take a break and just get your head straight.. If you do have anxiety, then yes weed tends to worsen anxiety in the long run for most - although for me it usually temporarily releaves it.. That's why I usually stay high most of the time - it's basically that or medication, which I know ahead of time I don't want to take due to a complete artificial feeling and personality..BUT i still took a break when I knew the time was right, and it helped alot..

    PITPAT Member

    i've been feeling like this too lately. i recomend a quick fix. go out and do something rediculous and childish and fun. go to chucky cheese. go to the park. sit outside at night. go swimming. drink. smoke. play freeze tag. have you thought about mushrooms? with the right environment, it can be a very positive force. change the way youre thinking.
  5. PeZoAmO

    PeZoAmO Member

    When im alone after toking, i sometimes get depressed too. To get rid of that, do something fun like scrabble.
  6. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    I get like that too sometimes. Well pretty much all the time actually, whether I smoke or not...But anyway, maybe you have an anxiety problem or something? I think I do.
  7. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    for example......
    right now its friday, i made plans with my buddies, i dont even feel like moving, and i dont feel like talking to anyone. I dont know whats happening to me, my family is asking me why im so down and all i can think about is hwo bad and shitty everything is now. and how this summer isnt going to be fun, im Not even excited for school to be over.
  8. reef

    reef Member

    it sounds like your getting a bit depressed. also sounds like your cutting down on smoking is making you withdrawl a bit.

    maybe you should try to make some new friends? go outside more and walk around? and wut the hell chong up some more bowls. don't try to ignore all the crap that is happening, but instead take care of it. and it's not wrong to want to be alone sometimes, you take your "me time" and sort out stuff that is bugging you. also....
    get a girlfriend
  9. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    blaze a few bowls, listen to some music and do something fun. Music prefferably Bob Marley, if you could put music in words Id put Marley as "happy music".
  10. BigBong

    BigBong Member

    I would say definately take a a break to clear your head.. Perhaps go on a walk out in the woods.. Or go fishing, whatever.. Those two things put my mind at ease..
  11. Twan69

    Twan69 Member

    Yea i iused to get tons of bitches and i stopped trying, maybe i should just settle with a girl and loosen up to help this shit. and ya im defentely getting depressed but its getting better slowly

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