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Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by KarissaIsStoned, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. I have a few questions for anyone who can possibly answer them. I've smoked a bunch now but nothing bad has ever happened as a result until about a week ago. I got some really good mids and I was blazing with some friends. As soon as I was done I got extremely cold, shakey, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, couldn't feel my limbs anymore almost to the point that I couldn't walk, and started hallucinating. I totally freaked out and that made the situation worse because I didn't know what was happening. The high lasted for about 5 hours and I was still slighty high the next morning when I woke up! Two days ago I wanted to try it again and see if maybe it was just that weed that was giving me the panic attacks, so I blazed and it happened again, only this time I stayed calm because I was expecting it to happen. This time the high lasted at least 10 hours and into the next day in school. Both of these times were the highest I have ever been in my life, I was tripping out, and I only smoked half a bowl each time!
    Maybe I'm just a lightweight? But I've smoked way more than that before and I've never become even near that high, so I was thinking maybe it is just that particular weed?

    Either way, I'm not sure what to do about these panic attacks. I was hoping someone might have a similar experience and could possibly tell me what I could try to do to help the situation because I don't really want to give up pot altogether, but I don't want to have panic attacks every time I smoke.
  2. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    the human body works in mysterious ways
  3. BannedInDC

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    I've had panic attacks before, but i have never ever tripped for 5-10 hours off weed. Have you ben taken any psychedelics a lot lately?
  4. PAX-MAN

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    I think what you got there is just some good weed.a sativa ,a good sativa will have a very high ceiling it could be a thia or a haze cross and everthing sounds like you just smoked to much, try smokeing alot less. your not a lightweight at all, back about 5yrs ago some really great haze came into town and two kids smoked too much and they thought that they were going to die and ended up in the hospital . everone had a good laugh, know your limits, better to have a good time, then get so fucked that is just not fun anymore
  5. Hahahaha, alright, funny story time! I actually did that the first time, but I was eating goldfish crackers and I thought I was choking on one and totally freaked out, so the friend I was with brought me to the hospital and my parents met us there...but we never told the hospital I was high because we didn't want to get in trouble :p
    It was kinda funny but scary at the same time.
    But yeah, I just smoked half a bowl last night and I could feel my body reacting a little bit, but I ignored it and about half an hour later I was fine, so I guess I'll just have to smoke a little more each time and hopefully I'll be alright!
  6. I've never been on psychadelics...I don't think? LOL
  7. MeowMix

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    I bought this meds the other week, and it got me so high and trippin then I come to find out it had PCP in it. that could be a possible thing another is maybe you smoke on an empty stomach?
  8. red_eye

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    sounds like it was laced. angel dust most likely... THC will not make you hallucinate, its the wrong type of chemical it will not effect the right receptors.
  9. If it was the same weed then it was probally laced with something. This guy in Phily sold me dank and didn't tell me it was laced with PCP, i was tripping and freaking out, that was the last time i went to a dealer i didn't know.
  10. broony

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    I dont know if you would call it a panic attack but... one night i smoke with 2 friends while another did not. I had smoked probably only smoked a dozen times. I hadnt eaten much at all. Well 15 mins in i was ripped as fuck having the time of my life. Another 15 mins go by and my stomach starts to hurt. I go downstairs and i end up pukeing in the sink. I got really dizzy all of the sudden and i felt likwe my body tempture raised by 50 degrees. I was so hot and felt like i was sick w/o the stomach ache -.- hard to explain. Well i went outside and laid on the grass to cool myself off. My friends came looking for me because i guess i was out there for 20 mins. I told them "i am melting" its how i felt and it was horrible. Well i went back inside and said ok ill be up stairs in a second. They went back up and a few minutes just as im getting to the stairs i blacked out for maybe 5 seconds. I fell down once this happened and got back up slowly and it happened again. Finally i got it toughter and went up stairs and slept for damn near close to 15 hours. It was the worst experience with weed i had. I dont know what the deal was but the moment i threw up i felt like i was on xtc having a bad trip or something. I have talked to a few people who also said they had a experience sort of like mine. Its like we got sick from smokeing.
  11. it sounds like you were hyperglycemic, your blood pressure dropped, and this magnified the anxiety from the wd, eventually leading to a vasal vaga response and syncope. Perhaps u got to large of a hit or inhaled some undesirable volatiles, but the hyperglycemia and blood pressure change alone could have been enough to trigger it, so yep I'd say it was a panic attack. Best thing to do is getting someone to help you to fresh air and if that doesn't help than lie down and maybe get a glass of water...and a snack when your able. Its kinda strange to sleep for 15 hrs, were you on anything else or in a particularly stressful time?
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    I used to have panic attacks from smoking so much that they would result in seizures, but I'd feel absotively heavenly afterwards:spliff:

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