panic attack during high? my first time. should i give it another shot?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Whirled Peas, Apr 30, 2007.

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    ok. im bipolar. so ive had a nervous breakdown years ago. i have little chest pains once in a while from panicing. i panic because my boyfriend and i were high and he asked me if i wanted a piece of candy. i was laying there out of it and he asked me again. i said baby you just asked me i said im ok. he said its been about 30 mins. i was so out of it. i freaked. 30 mins. it felt like 2 seconds. i freaked out and thought i was dying. i like being able to relax and feel comfortable, but i dont like getting nervous. sometimes i try it and like it and sometimes i try it and freak out. i guess because i feel so different. any tips to help with this or maybe calm me down. i dont want to feel like im braindead. could it have been laced with something else? :/ im so confused. i want my boyfriend to have someone to smoke with when no one else is here with us.

    also i listen to jambands, dress like a hippie, wear hemp, into nature and helping the environment, but i dont smoke and i feel like in some way a poser. why do i feel this way

    thanks everyone for your help.

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    first of all your probably less of a poser because you dont will get a lot of people buying into the lifestyle just to sort of have a drug identity if you understand?
    and second i also used to get easily agitated and get negative thoughts while smoking but luckily for me it all cleared up when i started again...i would advise smoking little by little in order to have a little more control over your high... that was one of the things which freaked me out...i would give it a go again and everytime u feel a negativev thought remind yourself that your just stoned or try lying down to feel as comfortable as you can...i hope it all works out x x x
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    First of all, DON'T smoke if you really don't want to smoke! If you do, then just try to relax and not think about negative things. I used to get panic attacks where I felt like I couldn't breathe, but in reality It was just all in my head. I just told myself quit being a bitch, i'm not gonna die from smoking weed, and i'm breathing just fine. Now I get enjoyable highs
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    So if you're bipolar do you think you should be dabbling in mind altering drugs, even those that are relatively safe for MOST people. Everybody on this site thinks weed is just great, that's why we're here, but there aren't many neurologists here to give the other side of the story. Yeah, I can think of 2 good buds who are bipolar and have smoked forever with no ill effects, but I can also rattle off a long list of guys who became dead thinking they could handle any drug thrown at them and just shrug it off.
    Mobitsfa said it well ..."don't smoke if you don't want to smoke".

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