Discussion in 'Dreams' started by A-Shwa-Child, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. A-Shwa-Child

    A-Shwa-Child Member

    Around weds night, i had a werid dream which involved a car chase (with me throughting people out of my car and others), a lonely girl who was on a phone, and haveing (about to have) sex, but then i felt a sharp pain around my kidney area, which woke me up.

    I was wondering if anyone felt some sort of pain when they were dreaming(like an intance pain)? I checked the next day and i found nothing there...
  2. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    I can never remember feeling pain in a dream. Doesn't mean I haven't...
  3. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    wel i dont feel pain, but i do feel other sensations occasionaly< lol no u perv he he just regular heat or cold, textures but mainly feelings like anxiety etc.
  4. it was probably a gas bubble :D
  5. StarGeneral

    StarGeneral Member

    ROFL, nice synaptic :).

    I've had pain too, only once though, and it was horrible pain, an excruciating made the person giving me the pain invunerable, none of my pwers could hurt him.

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