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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by VanAstral, May 17, 2004.

  1. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    All my senses, required,
    exhausted, fully, completely
    Thai food is intangible

    bulbous belly, black, bleeding
    naval offices
    in puddles of earth and sun

    Milo and Anzac biscuits
    Caramello Koala
    Tim Tams and Sara O’Hare
    vegemite’s cousin,
    sucks salty nuts too.
    one dozen lovers in a room.
    bombs fell yesterday.
    tomorrow we’ll go surfing.

    advocate peace
    piece of cake:
    special brownies

    quit your crying
    you slappy wag
    your tale of love

    breathe and breath
    which is which?
    will I ever learn?

    if I let the caterpillar
    in, do you think
    it’ll get enough to eat?

    no things, no worries
    g’days, mates,
    yabbie yakka yobbo yonks

    fueled by low-carb

    man’s inhumane to man.
    write your obituary
    no one’s getting out alive

    hot wax on fingertips. time,
    layers, time, sweat;
    personalized finger caps.

    water bottle can’t stand straight
    fire breathing air
    skin, wax, skies of a thousand clouds

    you know that’s never happened
    to me (weekend, weekday, it's the same to me)
    and I hope someday it does
    saved from dreams,
    borders and
    each other

    ashamed, getting fat
    product saturated life
    almost hypnotic

    your errors
    will be wisdom

    freedom fighting
    leads to great
    make-up sex
    dictators admire
    uniform, obedient
    carrier pigeons
  2. inbloom

    inbloom as the crow flies...

    that's fucking brilliant!! i love it!! i'd love to read more of your stuff, definetly.
  3. know1nozme

    know1nozme High Plains Drifter

    in dos palabras: impresionante!
  4. osiris

    osiris Senior Member

    mmmmm... caramello koala.... *drools*

    much love :)
  5. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    cheers ya'll!

    many Tim Tams to you all
  6. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    no cents, just birds...

    Dragon-size flies sing
    the blues,

    don’t cry tonight
    wait for the break of dawn,
    birds humming
    the reds,

    open up the window
    let me breathe,

    my inadequacies
    numbs my brain,

    the sunshine whispers
    the yellows,

    I say please,
    what to do
    when adversity takes over?

    down on the street
    I cried.
    for you

    a cool breeze in the
    cool room chanting
    the purples

    mercy mercy me.
    and scream

    goosebumps please stay,
    I’ll get a drink of


    I got to go
    The greens,

    three notes on the
    crying in comfort,
    pillow’s damp
    don’t worry about it
    just go.

    got to go.
    clear the dust
    and turn on the radio
    when you do
    there you go.
    there you go.

    Uh huh.
    you’ll be all right.

    smell the rainbow
    play notes unheard
    dance on the moon
    madly in mercy
    westerly numb
    on an another wise day


    those close up shots of
    the sperm and egg
    I don’t want to know that.

    Three ants and a centipede
    In the grass tonight
    I have the pasties.

    sparkling green jelly
    hair wax remover
    doesn’t taste all that bad eh.


    Rage against loverboy floyd:

    hot blooded, check it and see
    come on baby,
    can you do more than dance?

    are you hot, momma?
    you sure look that way to me.
    (bad-ass guitar solo)

    imagine how cool it’d be if you were
    Pink Floyd
    now ask yourself: why aren’t you Pink Floyd?

    there ain’t no question who the man is,
    you silly rabbit,
    destroy all nations.

    days before the ‘net,
    hardly would I ponder
    my seaman production

    mini-golf is normal golf,
    for hobbits, mini putt
    has wacky obstacles.
  7. sunflowerAlys

    sunflowerAlys Member

    i like the first. it goes on for a while but



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