Oy Vay! - $50 for 1 1/2 gram bags in NYC!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Price Watch' started by streaker, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. streaker

    streaker Member

    I have been paying what seems to be an outrageous price judging from some of the threads I read on this forum. I will say however that after one or two hits I am done for the hour if not for the entire night. Still is it worth it? Is anyone else out there paying this much for the best stuff?
  2. Must be good, i wouldnt mind seeing it and smoking it. Have fun with it if you are satisfied. And if people diss you, they are just sad inside. :p
  3. TheShow

    TheShow Senior Member

    Is it worth it? that's a question that only you can answer. When I have the one hit quit stuff, like now, I've still paid 160 a half which is over 20 less a gram than your price. 33 a gram is expensive; i do not know if it would be worth it to me. You ought to be able to get similar quality weed at a hell of a lot less although I'm not familiar with NYC in any respects.
  4. streaker

    streaker Member

    I was thinking it would probably be cheaper to take a bus to vancouver and score some weed. So darn expensive here in NYC. I wonder if it is hard to get hooked up in vancouver. This sucks that prices have got to such a point that one has to leave the country. Of course there are good deals in some other states in USA but you gotta know people.
  5. -beatnick

    -beatnick Senior Member

    thats pretty high. i can get 3.5 of Jack Herer for 45.
  6. meke81

    meke81 Member

    3.5 for 50 in NJ and i know thats a lot higher than what a lot of other people are paying so 1.5 for 50 is high price
  7. douley01

    douley01 Member

    you could def find a way better deal then that in the city... even for one hit shit, alot of my friends who deal buy their headies in the city and the most they pay is like 160-175 for a half O of good shit... usually white rhino or AK-47
  8. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    Are you goin through a delivery service?
  9. PeaceColors33

    PeaceColors33 Member

    dude thats insane
    i just got a 30 of orange crush for 30 bucks
  10. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    lol,That makes alot of sence.
  11. meke81

    meke81 Member

    post some pics
  12. Frostmourne

    Frostmourne Member

    I can get 4 grams for 55$ here in florida and it's great stuff. No seeds or stems or any of that stuff and it gets me finished after a bowl or two to myself.

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