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  1. I'm sorry if this thread is repeated - I haven't been here long so I may have missed out on any previous conversations like this!

    I try to do what I think is right in all areas, but more recently I have become aware of human rights and the injustices that go on between poor countries and the capitalist companies that abuse the people.

    I don't consume any coca-cola products, nestle or cadbury's. I try to be as careful as I can with food that I buy and where it has come from (I don't have a garden at the moment so I cannot grow my own veg as I would like to). I make most of my own clothes now or adapt old ones/ones from charity shops etc and if I ever do buy anything new it is not from some poorer eastern european country or similar and so on.

    I try, but however hard I do there are always people who turn round and try to put me down for this, or who laugh or ridicule me, and this upsets me mostly because I don't understand how they can care so little. I can usually brush off their comments, but I am only human and sometimes it all gets on top of me. And the more I look to help, the more flaws I find in the companies that supply so many things and I don't know where it all ends! Are my efforts really futile?

    Basically, one of the reasons that I joined this forum and why I am posting this is to find people who feel/ have felt the same as me, and who might have some inspiring words. I know this all may sound really lame, so i'm sorry if anyone takes offence, but this is the first time ever where I have felt that there might be someone who gets all this babble!

    You don't have to reply, but thank you for reading this anyway. [​IMG]
  2. mandell

    mandell Banned

    Hello. Your idealism is quite admirable.
    It is not something to be ashamed of, in fact, you should stick up to your beliefs unless something proves it otherwise.

    As for those people making snide comments about your personal choices, ignore them. People's narrow minded view of things is usually based on ignorance. Carry on with your beliefs, you're actually a much better person than most.

  3. Thank you! You've helped me feel renewed about the whole thing. REALLY appreciated [​IMG]
  4. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    You're on the right track. Try to be kind to those who are in darkness for their karma will someday kick them in the arse and they will remember you and wish they hadn't been such shitheads.
  5. You only do it for self gradifaction
  6. If that were the case, what would be your issue with it? Is that why you do it?

    Not having a go (it's hard to type with any meaning sometimes) - a genuine question!
  7. Nah, haven't you ever read anything that David Hume wrote?

    Its clear that any form of good will is only just for self gradification. I mean you're reason for its going to be different but its still going to be so that you can say, I'm a good person. And I know that you have thought that atleast once or twice.
  8. I haven't read much Hume... but of course I want to be a good person, or at least try to make myself a better person. And if I can do something for others as well as myself then everyone wins!! I am only human, so naturally flawed and contradictory, but trying to do something good is better than doing nothing atall.

    Do you read alot of philosophy? You sound very interested in the idea of freedom and whether it should exist - I was interested in your writing about a utopian world, are you still writing that?

    (Bit off topic, sorry)!
  9. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Consumer power is the most powerful. Those in power don't want the little man to understand that. But I heard a spokesperson for the multinational corporations on C-Span this morning say that it is the consumer that has forced jobs overseas. Well perhaps it's time for the little consumers to stop buying all that cheap imported shit, and make those in power understand what's important to us!
  10. yeah I kind of am, I have the education system mostly figured out, but its still not solidly perfect. The basic lay out of the economic system and the political power system... I'm really running into a brick wall with the judiciary system though... How do you create something that can become so easily corrupt and make it none corruptable?
  11. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Checks and balances, but most of them have been erased in the US since 09/11/01.
  12. well no, a jury based upon your peers is always the worst way to go. They're decision is seldom based upon truth, but rather emotion.

    I'm thinking that one with as few people as possible could be created in its place.
  13. I just want to say I admire you for being so informed and independent, and I wish more people would learn about their effect on the economy as a consumer.

    And Cultural Creative, the US judiciary system has probably been one of the most useful tools in turning this nation into a more people-powered and democratic machine. (I did read though that you don't like democracy? Was that sarcasm?) I'm not really informed about the current supreme court and everything. Are you referring to that as corrupt?
  14. yeah, cops can be payed off, judges can be.. its way to public... as for me not liking democracy... its true. I don't agree with systems that preach freedom as being the only way to live. Its acutally a horrible idea to base a society upon.

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