Overcame foot shyness.

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Are you wearing socks or are you barefoot

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  1. Killa1989

    Killa1989 Active Member

    I have this on all my social media I’m not shy of showing my feet, but did you mean showing you’re soles like this?

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  2. Naked_Toes

    Naked_Toes Member

    Something like that, as long as someone is deliberately showing off their bare soles
  3. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    To me the most challenging part of my foot shyness was anyone to see my bare soles, especially if they were female. I could finally recall the time that I was then able to sit out on the water on one of those inflatable rafts, a first for me. Occasionally I have visited nail salons and received pedicures to help combat my phobia, it became a fun activity for me. I can recall joking with this cute gal that she my have removed a tiny mole while filing down any callouses on my feet. She then lifted my foot, looked at my sole, laughed and said with a smile, it's still there! By then I knew that all this fear was now in my rear view mirror.
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  4. M_Ranko

    M_Ranko Well-Known Member

    Well shit, even I wasn't THAT nervous about it. Beaches/pools were the only natural places for me to loosen up and take them off, because there everybody else was doing it, so mine were, in essence, hidden in plain sight. But I did sink my feet into the sand many times when I could, to hide them from unwanted attention. And once the swim was over, the shoes and socks would come back on ASAP.
  5. Killa1989

    Killa1989 Active Member

    Do you just go anywhere to get a pedicure or are there certain places for males ?
  6. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    Oh, just anywhere.....

  7. Killa1989

    Killa1989 Active Member

    Are you male or female? that’s cool you got experience of being barefoot I was just that guy that no matter what I would never show my feet. Funny how that’s all I do now
  8. M_Ranko

    M_Ranko Well-Known Member

    I have a dick. But while I have no gender identity issues, I've sometimes regretted not being born a female. Something just tells me that being barefoot as a girl might have been more fun. Girls' feet look nicer, definitely, so the knowledge of this might have empowered me to bare them more often, knowing that chicks probably get forgiven more often for showing theirs. Oh yeah, I've sometimes imagined what it would be like to be some hot blonde, who walks around barefooted in her daisy dukes, southern redneck style.

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