Out of nowhere, the past, dream or present?

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Paulwenz, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    5 June 13.

    Strange dream no previous dreams about this ex-girlfriend of about 20 years back or haunting stuff, just came along in a quite way in the early morning .
    Some social thingo or large place , crowd after a while i run into Sarah , just warm and heartfelt embrace which takes me by surprise , her tears roll down her face and wet me and i am wondering what she has to say to me..
    "I am sick , Cas . Ive got cancer ." long pause " I am frightened ...i don't want people to know... i need my job.. "
    Just a person who realises they are very sick.
    No conversation about the past , at all, just the present embrace and her tears, fear of death.

    The dream took me by complete surprise .
    These sort of encounters out of the blue in dreams are they communications from people you are no longer in contact with?

    What's it mean?
  2. themnax

    themnax Senior Member

    they could be, possibly, or a parallel universe version of them. just return their in dream love, and don't expect the waking world to mirror too closely what happens in dreams.

    i'm just not into ruining any dream by analyzing it. to me they are visits to a parallel universe by way of a phychic internet.. the client side running on my subconscious when i sleep. personally i prefer to leave it at that.
  3. VioletJourney

    VioletJourney Member

    Often when we dream about other people there is some quality that they possess or that they represent to us. When you think about your ex-girlfriend what qualities did she represent to you? Was she particularly loving, adventurous, fun? Our minds need a concrete symbol to latch onto to express these abstract concepts. One way we do this is call up a person who represents these qualities. So look for what she represents to you. You might need some of that quality in your life right now.

    Also, we dream about people from our past as a way of processing events or situations that happened in our waking life. In the dream Sarah is crying and she is sick. Cancer is a terminal disease. This doesn't necessarily mean that she has cancer (most likely she doesn't). More likely, the dream symbol "cancer" represents termination, ending, or a severe crisis. This would hold up with the ending of your relationship. Even though it happened 20 years ago, there may be something about the breakup that you are still processing and that you still need to work through. Maybe you are having a similar situation (an ending of something) in your current waking life. In that case it would make sense that you would call up a previous experience with an ending in your dream to help you cope with what is going on now.

    The embrace indicates love and the tears could represent sadness about the loss of the love.

    If you're feeling up to it, you could contact your ex to see what's going on with her. Tell her about the dream and see if there are any parallels. I usually like to share my dreams with the people who are in them when possible. Usually the dreams are not prophetic - but sometimes they are are. I like to find out!
  4. Paulwenz

    Paulwenz Banned

    I would have liked to think that there was more resolution, so many years past, what singles one love out for the difficulty?

    Very thoughtful reply, many thanks.
    Still thinking about it.

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