Our State Dep. is acting as if in a virtual reality!

Discussion in 'Protest' started by Ronny, Jun 7, 2006.

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    Our State Dep. is acting as if in a virtual reality! Our feeble positions in the Middle East and Central Asia are due to the fact. And China is exploiting our weakness to take roots in CA in particular and other regions.
    Now again Pentagon experts in their annual report to the Congress point to China’s vigorous effort to beef up its military capabilities. Their conclusion is that this goes in wake of Chinese getting ready to attack Taiwan. In a recent TV coverage of demos on Taiwan it suddenly flashed through my mind this was looking like a revolution. This time it wasn’t actually. But the suitable moment may arrive in nearest perspective. Chinese may just sponsor Taiwan political elite, opposition forces and ‘loyal’ NGOs to initiate a revolution there. This would come less costly than war. Series of revolutions State Dep. has been helpful of recently in CA (Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzia) is good enough stuff for careful Chinese to gain useful practice.
    Actually anti-American sentiment on Taiwan is getting stronger with each passing day. This even forced local govt to refuse a regular armaments consignment of American origin. IMHO Chinese are no strangers to it.
    Well, relating present military upgrading of China it fits well her plan on Taiwan. Over time she may show up as a ‘guarantor of newly born democracy’ on Taiwan to guard it from US or Japan or who else!

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