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    Trace has gone to club speakers and toss a few back with some friends that were buying. She arrived around 2:30 AM while the band Ken Shavious was warming. She watched the entertainment and tried to seduce the bartender for 4 hours. Finally she gave up and ordered herself a drink "I want a white mouse, she whispered to the bartender." She sat at the table talking to Ledo when her drink arrives. She had been to four other places and they didn't know what she was asking but they gave her free gin so she didn't explain. (A white mouse is Vodka with a little white mouse floating around in the glass.) She removes the mouse and drinks the concoction down. "Ledo you have to set me up with that hot drummer," she purrs. She dug her hand into the peanut bowl while she ordered a Manhattan. "You've got to stop drinking like this, it makes you look so old," Ledo sneered. Without a second thought Trace picks up the bottle of Hennessey that the guy next to her had ordered and poured the entire bottle down Ledo's pants. Ledo looks at her in disgust as she smiles and said,” That’s probably the best action you've had in weeks. She primped and put on her coat as she headed out the door. Ledo followed her ,noticeably peeved. ((((Flash))))

    Photogos and fans were just waiting for her to leave the bar. It was 7:00 AM and she did not look her best. She staggered slightly, pasted that fake Hollywood smile on her face and without warning, threw up on Ledo's shoe. "You always know how to wow them babe," Ledo quipped. "Just shut up and hold my hand until we get to the car," she snapped. One photog was determine to get the absolute worse picture of her. She was just about in the car when her dress got caught on the door handle. (Old-fashion car) Her dress had risen a bit to reveal some panties and the wild snapper felt that the world needed to see everything. ((((Flash)))) "Thanks for the view honey," said the photog guy, laughingly. She had had enough of people and their nerve. She hopped out of the car, snatched the camera and exposed all the film to the sunlight. The photog guy threatened, named called, and advanced like he was going to strike her. She calmly pulled a twenty from her purse, stuffed it down the front of the guy’s pants, kissed him on the cheek, and thanked him for the foreplay. (Loud enough for all the fans, photogs, and Ledo to hear.)

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