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Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by pianoperson60, May 6, 2007.

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    Okay, Dylans gotta be a bit more careful.

    Nothing that bad, but usually I try to respect if people dont like you smoking at their house, what I mean is my host family Im living with in Berlin...

    And if I do smoke, its on the balcony when theyre away, so it doesnt smell of course.

    But today I decided to smoke out the window in the bathroom as I showered, and I sat fully out the window, with the window cracked a BIT open behind me, but all the smoke was directed away, or so I thought.

    Smoked all was good, then I came out and talked with my hsot parents who had just gotten home, and my eyes were good and I just showered so I didnt smell or anything.

    But apparently the bathroom smelt a tiny tiny bit. My host mother went into the bathroom then came out and asked if I had smoked anything, and I just said no calmly, and she just said with a smile "Good night then, sleep well."

    A bit stupid of me, I didnt think it would make it smell at all, guess I just cant smoke out that window again.

    As you can tell, the weed I smoked out that window was realllly good because Im blazed and therefore rambling with this thread already.

    So moral of the story: Only smoke on their balcony when theyre gone, cuz somehow the weed I smoked today had the power to melt through the bathroom window and into the bathroom!
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    so you were OUTSIDE the window, and it still got in? bummer man. i bet your host mother doesn't care after the way you described her. could say you just smoked a cigarette outside then changed in the bathroom or something so the smell lingered. but thats all i got...
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    well yea obviously because regardless, when u came back in some of the smoke still came with you, even if it was just lingering on you/you clothes

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