other then your sun sign what your favorite sign?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by jmt, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. jmt

    jmt Ezekiel 25:17

    as far i seen i like Aquarius they seem like real true friends always wanting to help my virgoself. There pretty adventurous too and interested in science which i like.
  2. mm100

    mm100 Member

    i'd say aquarius too, but there's one aquarius that i enjoy very much and one that i hate! XD
    other than that...i lean towards tauruses and virgos for best friends
  3. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member

    gotta say scorpio
  4. spirit of the night

    spirit of the night Senior Member

    I love the sign of scorpio, all that death and sex stuff... very intense, and its all under the surface.

    very sexy.
  5. prissbaby

    prissbaby creepy

    that's funny because as a virgo, I find myself almost drawn to aquariuses, but I can't seem to figure them out completely, which drives me nuts. I find them to be very mysterious people, yet extremely bright and intuitive.

    as far as friends go, most of my very close friends are Aries and Cancers. My mother, sister, and a boy I'm interested in are all cancers -- and I find them to be very endearing people. Aries are just fun-loving, and can appreciate adventure, which I love

    last but not least -- libras. I always argue with them. however, some of my most favorite people are libras. I find them to be very creative and very passionate people.

  6. jrnyman

    jrnyman kermit

    I looooooove libras. :) a whole lot. I like scorpios because I don't feel bad fighting with them, the only sign I really consistently feel ok about that with.
  7. neodude1212

    neodude1212 Senior Member


    yup, that's right up my alley. Cool sign, indeed.
  8. goodvibes83

    goodvibes83 Senior Member

    gotta say leo
  9. Tessy

    Tessy Member

    alright, the idea is that their extroverts and center of attention but you would be surprise how different they can be.
  10. jmt

    jmt Ezekiel 25:17

    libras?:confused: they seem two faced to me at times and very fake.
  11. goodvibes83

    goodvibes83 Senior Member

    i gotta say through my life time: leos, pisces, and sags

    according to my sing the leo and sag makes sense...but there is one fuckn libra i connect with more than life itself...

    but ima stick with leo and add sag
  12. majurooo

    majurooo Member

    im a gemini and we're awesome but assholes SO im going with...

  13. stillwater

    stillwater Guest

    I think I probably like Pisceans best. I'm a Virgo.
  14. Jay_hasBeauty

    Jay_hasBeauty Member

    Im a Taurus(/GeminiCUSP) ..Most other Tauruses I know aren't as spontaneous to me.
    So , I would have to say Sags & Scorpios .

    Scorpios - We just click automatically , my bestfriends are Scorpios , I Love 'emm :)

    Sags-are just always fun to be around & always make me laugh , but we have ups&downs.. They always think they're right .. ?
  15. The Imaginary Being

    The Imaginary Being PAIN IN ASS Lifetime Supporter

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