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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by sharon, Feb 1, 2005.

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    I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm accessing some past lives as these dreams where I'm somebody else are so vivid and emotionally real.
    Last night, I was a young black boy (I am actually a 27 year old white woman). I was about 10 years old and the eldest in my family. My mother looked after us on her own as our father had left us several years previously. She had had a tough time looking after us and we had lived quite a poor difficult life.
    But finally, she had found us somewhere nice to live and she had a job and was making enough to buy some good furniture and different things we needed.
    I remembered my dad and idolised him. I refused to believe that he had abandoned us and thought that one day, he was bound to come back and be the wonderful father I'd always believed him to be.
    Then he does come back and is really tall and muscular - quite a strong physical presence and a powerful and somehow angry aura. He is furious with my mother and wants us all to leave with him. He grabs us and tells us that we can bring one or two things each to where we're going. I am so overwhelmed with joy to see him. I don't want to leave our new house and I don't want to leave our stuff behind as we've been without things for so long. I am also really shocked by his violent behaviour and cannot reconcile the man who stands before me with the father I'd always remembered /imagined - I am filled with a sense of confusion.
    It ends there.
    Any ideas as to what it could mean?
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    Hey Sharon, I don't mean this to be rude or mean to you but is it possible that you have family problems at home (in the real world) and you wish to be someone else in order to escape the problems? Dreaming is an incredible escape and stress reliever (providing one dreams a pleasureable dream.) But maybe you are dreaming of past lives? I've had a few of those type of dreams myself. They used to be sad and negative at first, but now as I've gotten older and following the 'good karma' life, my dreams are pleasureable and wild! My fave was the one where I was a Jamiacan musician and very popular all over the world! LOL I remembered what my stage name was when I woke up but, later forgot it. It was a real cool name though. :p Good luck! I hope someone else is more helpful than I was!

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