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    here a few titles of osho´s books:

    a cup of tea

    from sex to superconsciousness

    I am the gate

    the Long and the Short and the All

    the Silent Explosion

    and now, and here

    the book of the secrets

    dimensions beyond the known

    meditation: the first and last freedom

    meditation: the art of ecstasy

    the perfect way

    the psychologie of the esoteric

    .....and many others..................
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    I have to be honest, I read a book by Osho (no idea what its called btw) and I did not find it positive, enlightening or even that well written at all.
    He seemed to have a negative view of the world, like as though he thought he was superior and he had knowledge to teach the spiritually under-nourished civilians how better to live.
    For me, this is not what I look for in a book about spiriualty/philosophy. I look for an author who is accepting of the world and its inhabitants, and writes their books in order to share wisdom with all equal beings, without there being a negative undercurrent of superiority.
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    doesn't he have a whole fleet of rolls royces and was kicked out the US for tax evasion...or am i mixing him up with someone else? [​IMG]
  4. proaudience

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    Those books were not written by Osho. They are merely the transcripts of Osho's discourses published by his followers. And he used to be very direct in his approach while speaking out to his listeners, who mostly comprised of his own committed disciples and no mere philosophy-enthusiasts. Your allegation of he carrying a superiority-complex is misplaced. In fact, this makes one wonder how varying view points can co-exist about the same phenomenon in this world. Osho's words have transformed many for years now, yet some saw him as highly controversial and even to the extent that they termed him as a hardcore criminal. I have made my own observations about his controversial legacy at the given link:

  5. chandrakavi

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    I read a very positive and interesting book of osho called HIDDEN MYSTERIES,
    which had been translated from hindi to English,

    "The Secret of Shapes, Sounds and Fragrances
    26 April 1971 pm in Woodlands, Bombay, India
    Suppose we have a key in our hands. We cannot directly understand the purpose of it from the key
    itself, nor is it possible to imagine from the key itself that a great treasure is likely to be revealed
    with its help. There is no hidden indication in the key regarding the treasure; the key itself is closed.
    Even if we break it or cut it into pieces, we may find the metal of which it is made, but we cannot
    learn anything about the hidden treasure which the key is capable of revealing. And whenever such
    a key is preserved for a long time, it only becomes a burden in our life.
    In life there are many such keys which can open the doors of treasures even today, but unfortunately
    we neither know anything about those treasures nor about those locks which can be opened. When
    we do not know either about the treasures or the locks, then what is left in our hands cannot even
    be called a key. It can only be a key if it opens a lock. This same key may have revealed treasures
    some time in the past, but because today nothing can be unlocked, the key has become a burden.
    But even so, somehow we do not feel like throwing it away.
    The key has left a sort of lingering fragrance in the unconscious mind of man. Maybe some four
    thousand years ago that key did open some locks, and treasures were found: the remembrance of
    that in the unconscious mind makes us carry the burden of that key to this day. However much one
    may be persuaded about the uselessness of the key, we cannot gather the courage to throw it away.
    In some unknown corner of the heart there still lingers the hope that some day some lock might be
    opened by it."


  6. inthydreams911

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    That doesn't really sound like you read into it enough to fully understand. Osho is one of the brightest lights I have found so far. We are pretty spiritually under-nourished as a society right now. Osho is a man who has been awakened, like Jesus or Buddha, he is a Buddha in his own right. He is full of spiritual insights that can help nourish our soul, and he can help you break free from the bondage of your mind.

    Osho might seem negative sometimes because he uses a lot cold logic in order to get his point across to our logical based society. He is not like a Jesus performing miracles and claiming he is the father and such. He is more like Buddha, "spiritually scientific". Meditation not prayer. There is no God in the sense of the church's God, but he helps you find your holiness.

    Osho's words, if you listen to them enough, will just deprogram you. You will leave your religions, you will leave you ideas for power, you will let go of your prejudices and judgments, you will step outside the box. He'll clean you out, bring you to your natural state. He says a lot of things that are very contradictory at times. One day he may say one thing, and one day he might say the complete opposite. But even that is a life lesson, life is paradoxical, contradictions meet at the center. You have to read in between the lines, he will say enough just to spark something in you, to make you want to look deeper. Then it is up to you.

    Osho is very insightful in every dimension of life. While everyone has there own guru, and way of seeking the truth, if you ever get the chance to see and to touch the true essence in Osho's words, then you will be truly blessed.
  7. celebrating

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    There is an interesting book of Osho called:

  8. PeatBog

    PeatBog Member

    Osho has quite a few books that are worthy of reading such as The Mustard Seed which is his take on the gnostic Gospel of Thomas. However, there are so many books published under his name that cover essentially the same topics. Generally the older books published circa 1970s through 1980s are best.
  9. celebrating

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    Here is a new osho Book release called: BLISS
    About Bliss: Living beyond Happiness and Misery

    Talks on the Shiva Sutras

    " Everyone is searching for happiness, says Osho, but because they are looking in the wrong direction – outside – no one ever really finds it. Real happiness, bliss, can only be found inside. It can be reached by learning the “knack” of dis-identifying with the mind.

    This book on the ancient wisdom of the Shiva Sutras explains how to do this.

    These sutras will challenge and disturb people’s ideas about how life can be lived, but they also reveal how bliss is already hidden within the states we all experience daily: waking, dreaming and sleeping.

    He shows how to dis-identify from the desires and attachments of the mind that trap everyone during this life, and pull them into the next. “The beginning of being human happens only when we get out of this vicious circle called mind.”

    Chapter Titles

    Chapter 1: Your Desires Are Your Hell
    Chapter 2: The Art of Dis-identification
    Chapter 3: The First Step: A Sense of Wonder
    Chapter 4: Deepening the Mantra of Meditation
    Chapter 5: Conquering Your Attachments
    Chapter 6: Mastering the Mind
    Chapter 7: Trust Is the Door
    Chapter 8: The Mysterious Fourth State
    Chapter 9: Hell Is Outside, Heaven Is Inside
    Chapter 10: Om: A Taste of Bliss
    Living beyond Happiness and Misery
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    This is taken from the Osho Zen Tarot, the card image below in my signature,


    The character is obviously 'on top of the world' right now,
    and the whole world is celebrating hihs success with a tickertape parade.

    Because of your willingness to accept the recent challenge of life,
    you are now - or you will be - enjoying a wondeful ride on the tiger of success. Welcome it, enjoy it, and share your joy with others - and remember taht all bright parades have a beginning and an end. If you keep this in mind, and squeezee every drop of juice out of the happiness you are experiencing now, you will be able to take the future as it comes without regrets. But don't be tempted to try to hold on to this abundant moment,or coat it in plastic so that it lasts forever.

    The greatest wisdom to keep in mind with all the phenomena in the
    parade of your life, wether they be valleys or peaks, is that 'this too shall pass'. Celebrate, yes, and keep on riding the tiger.
  11. celebrating

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  12. celebrating

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    It is a a piece of hard-hitting investigative journalism in the style off Woodwaard and Bernstein. It proves the previously unbelievable; that there was a multi-leveled U.S.
    government conspiracy against Osho.
  13. sst80

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    First, the fleet of Rolls Royces never belonged to Osho personally. He lived a simple life with literally no possessions other than what were provided for him by his disciples.

    Second, since Osho had no income he could not have evaded taxes. He was deported according to an agreement called an Alford plea which essentially is a a plea of no contest. The exact charges were not relevant, it was simply an arrangement to prevent the US Government from putting him in prison and for the US government to get rid of him..it's a long story but I say he was not guilty of anything though most assuredly a group of his disciples were guilty of much, including violating the trust placed in them by the residents of the commune.
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    Osho is not about words, philosophies, knowledge and he most certainly does not have a negative view of the world, quite the contrary. Hard to exactly convey my feelings on this but these words may serve to express the inexpressible "This very place the Lotus Paradise". It is up to you, you can choose to make life a living hell or you can make it a "Lotus Paradise".

    One thing to be understood, Osho has never placed himself above anyone or anything. He represents to his disciples their own potential, to be fully awakened...
    You can read his words but it is better to LISTEN to as you would listen to music, without thinking, without judging. In the beginning words may seem significant but the end point is to go beyond words, beyond knowledge..

    A link to his discourses in both audio and pdf format free.
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    There was a person whom I did not care for very much.. who recommended Osho's books to a person which I interacted. This made me have a negative image of Osho.
    Pretty ridiculous.

    I never met Osho and going by what people say about him, it seems to be half praise and half blame.
    I'll deduct that he was a human being that I don't remember ever interacting with so therefore I really can't say anything about one way or another unless I want it to spout forth from my ignorance.
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    Osho is one of the greatest world enlightened synthesis of all times.
  17. sst80

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    Perhaps, but as Osho says;

    Truth be told I've never had a whole lot of interest in Osho the man. Interest, of course, is for students. The disciple is with the master on a road to self discovery and in that regard knowing "about" the master is simply an intellectual curiosity which can tend to be a distraction.
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    Quite true.
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