Orgasm from just making out

Discussion in 'The Orgasmic Experience' started by Crimson, May 29, 2007.

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    i was hanging out with my girlfriend the other day and we started making out (she never made out with me before).. and i could tell she was getting turned on.. heart beat racing... how she was breathing.. the whole shot.. and we made out for about 10 or 15 minutes.. and later on she told me that she had an orgasm while we were making out.. kinda blew me away.. either she got really really turned on.. or she had a mini orgasm.. anyone else have this experience..

    please share im interested
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    The first time is always exciting. Only about 25% of women can get orgasms from intercourse alone - the rest need manual stimulation, with or without a penis, if they have orgasms at all.

    And guys can get orgasms from "dry-humping". Long ago, it used to be a badge of honor if you returned from a date with a big "cum stain" on your pants. Then came the 60s....
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    I used to have a gf that was super sensitive in her vagina area. Sometimes while we were making out and I rubbed her there she would start moving and breathing all hard. Sometimes she would not even kiss me, she would just close her eyes and kinda moan a lil bit.

    She never actually told me that she had orgasms, but I saw her have orgasms doing the real thing and it didn't look much different :H

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