Orgasm from Anal

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by wowzer, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. wowzer

    wowzer Member

    Ive met a great guy through a friend and we've hooked up 4 times and each time ive had explosive...I mean explosive.....orgasms just from anal. Ive had this happen in the past but not every time. anyone else have similar experience?
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  2. TBDM Miasma

    TBDM Miasma Member

    Never just from anal. But I can barely touch my cock if im using a toy or if my gf using the strapon. I have to yell stop at her several times and it freaks her out lol.
  3. sockfetish

    sockfetish Member

    I severally envy you
  4. Si69

    Si69 Senior Member HipForums Supporter

    Great Wowzer - good for u :)

    Simon :sunny:
  5. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    First, Congrats, good for you.
    Now what I'm thinking is that your new guy is hitting your prostate gland with every stroke.
    Might be because of the way he's shaped, his size (whatever his size, it's right for your prostate), the position you're in or any combination of the above. Whatever it is, he's hitting you right, the prostate is a wonderful thing. That's what causing the
  6. ClintonsSon

    ClintonsSon's Me!!

    Sounds great! Thats what I want to do.......bang on that prostate!
  7. aintgotU

    aintgotU Guest

    do you use cheeky boy prostate massage too? I use that thing and give me good orgasm.. feeling so great..
  8. good for you.
    which position?
  9. wowzer

    wowzer Member

    wit me on my back and legs up
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  10. DiegoSF

    DiegoSF Guest

    I like both men and women, been married for 20 years, but the orgasms from getting anal are UNBELIEVABLE!!!
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  11. HankW

    HankW Guest

    You're making me jealous and extremely curious, Diego. ;)
  12. luvitnow

    luvitnow Guest

    That is what turned me gay.I was bi curious and when my man put a move on me after a few drinks and I was sucking his cock I knew something was up.We were spending the weekend together our wives were out of town.I did not know what I was in for.The next morning after breakfast he said he was going to rock my world and he did.He gave me an enema to clean me out.After things calmed down and a few beers he started on me.He took his time was patient told me what he was going to do and what to expect.He promised me an orgasm and that I would shoot a huge load without touching my cock.He did not lie.It did not take that long either and the feeling was so high.He also took his time in my ass which felt good.It felt so good when he came in my ass that I almost came again myself.What I enjoy about him is that he is a good teacher.I always look forward to having sex with him because I always have a great orgasm.He has never left me high and dry yet.He fucks me so good he brought the gay right out of me.
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  13. livstud2001

    livstud2001 Guest

    SOOO jealous of all you people here-I'm married too and I have zero guy buddies in my situation I can turn to! As to the subject, though I can't cum from anal only, I certainly can't have anyone touching my dick when they're fucking me because I WILL cum ha ha!
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  14. jfm

    jfm Guest

    nothing hotter than cumming from man fucking you, especially if he knows what hes doing
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  15. JimInPhila

    JimInPhila Member

    OK, I'm confused. If, as you say, you have 'zero guy buddies,' who is fucking you? :confused:
  16. celticcsc

    celticcsc Guest

    I've always orgasmed hard from anal. Especially my first time. I hardly had to touch my cock at all.
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  17. badrabbit

    badrabbit Members

    I always cum from a good ass fuck with a big cock it is an amazing feeling
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  18. DaveTheBiGuy

    DaveTheBiGuy Members

    You say he "turned you gay". Did you leave your wife for this guy ? What about his wife ?
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  19. LowHangers

    LowHangers Members

    My wife had been pegging me for 7-8 months regularly before I gave my ass up to our boyfriend's 9 1/2" cock...yes, I had and amazing orgasm and my cock never got hard, just semi hard from flopping around while he pounded me balls deep. Every thrust smacking his pelvis against my ass cheeks as his cock was stimulating my prostate on the way in...OMG, nothing better than an orgasm from anal, then he releases his load deep into your ass...I love it!
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  20. Windman

    Windman Members

    I had a regular for a while that would fuck me sometimes. He was hitting me doggy style once and the angle was just right and I had a orgasm from it. It went on for a few minutes, my whole body shook while my cock oozed cum. It was very powerful.
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