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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by JohnFashion, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Does anybody know how I could organise and events in a bar to bring extra business by such a way that I could get a cut of the bar profit? Is there a term for this sort of thing or anything I could google it under in order to find out more? I've heard of a few who do this sort of thing the get reductions on the drinks.. but that's not what I'm into obviously.

    And what's the best way of going about organising something like this, i.e, how should I approach the manager? I'd imagine I'd have try it a few times first to see how how it turns out? I don't want any comments implying that I'm greedy for thinking like this!

    Any thoughts or experience????????????
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    you set up a bar night, get a night in mind, what sorta music, what night of the week, what sort of crowd, get a dj, find a suitable bar, pitch it to the manager. you haveta promote it, get people to hand out flyers, spread the word etc, its not too hard.

    the nature of the deal sort of depends, as promoter/events organiser though, your money's on the door, rather than behind the bar, i would have thought. although i've not done it myself, i know some that have, and i seem to remember that being the case./ makes sense, really.
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    Watch Party Monster. Take notes. :thumbup:
  4. EL Tuna

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    Two things bring in big $$ at bars, 'Tough man' contests and the mechanical bull. Both are fun and hard to do along with it is also something fun to watch.
    Pick a day, Post up a 'cover' charge, Try to pre-sell tickets for event etc to make a little more $$. You can scam a cent out of everything at a bar, Just bumping beer up a quarter a bottle/can/cup/pitcher/ will net you a nice profit.
    But you have to find a good bar with a good crowd and an owner that's open to new ideas and fun. Most just want to sit back and rely on the regular drunk mopes that donate their check each week.

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