Organised Religion: Institutionalised Bureaucrat Spirituality And Institutionalised Bureaucrat Phil

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    Isn't organised religion just institutionalised bureaucrat spirituality and isn't organised religion just institutionalised bureaucrat philosophy? Built-based-and-bound of-by-and-for the past and not fluid, as is other forms of the so-called "fourth-estate", journalism and hollyweird, from the blue-collar era of the west, white-collars prefer new age/decentralised-and-devolved religions (spirituality and centrist liberal/libertarian philosophy), decentralised-and-devolved media and video gaming, instead of centralising-and-evolving power-privilege-and-prestige and out-sourcing thought, de-centralising-and-devolving power-privilege-and-prestige and in-sourcing thought or just re-instating thought, in the west you live-and-breathe in a post-christian era, soon a post-labor (blue-collar and blue-collar grey-collar) era, potentially a post-muslim/islamic era, post-capitalist era and post-work (white-collar and white-collar gold-collar) era, mental masturbators (theologians/priests/pastors/preachers/imans), philosopher-kings (philosophers), god-emperors (journalists/commentators/pundits/talking heads) and hollyweird (celebrities/socialites, modern mediaites who are increasingly being viewed-and-valued as antiquated, sexualities, beardo weirdos and kinksters), for those that are studying, working or laboring in those role (s)-and-responsibilities/fields, times are a changing cause technology-and-engineering are changing, even for politicians, legislators, jurists, economists, business-people/business-persons, since I've already written/typed about theologians/priests/pastors/preachers/imans, philosophers and journalists at length, who appeal to blue-collar (at the beginning of the day)/black-collar (at the end of the day) personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities, in essence it will be blue-collar grey-collar's then white-collars or both blue-collar grey-collars and white-collars or white-collars followed by blue-collar grey-collars, in the latter two, if you automate white-collar role (s)-and-responsibilities/fields simultaneously with blue-collar grey-collar role (s)-and-responsibilities/fields or automate white-collar role (s)-and-responsibilities/fields before blue-collar grey-collar role (s)-and-responsibilities/fields and then automate blue-collar grey-collar role (s)-and-responsibilities/fields, you're going to get push-back, forget bringing in the unions, blue-collar unions were crushed in the 1980s in the anglo-west and blue-collars, whilst the personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's/mentalities exist, the factory laborer and process line laborer doesn't throughout most of the anglo-west, only construction laborers exist and with bipedal robots they'll go the way of factory laborers and process line laborers
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