Organised Religion and Social-Cultural/Socio-Cultural/Civil Religion

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    The state/government/public-sector-endorsed/encouraged religion, which consists of either both or either organised religion, such as and specifically organised christianity and such as and specifically organised islam and the social-cultural/socio-cultural/civil religion, such as and specifically nationalism, such as and specifically ethnic nationalism/racial nationalism, though organised religion, such as and specifically organised christianity and organised islam has largely been supplanted by the social-cultural/socio-cultural/civil religion, which is nationalism, specifically ethnic nationalism/racial nationalism, used to mobilise people/person's to fight-and-die, thereby to suit-and-serve vested political-legal-economic interest's-and-issues/care's-and-concerns/woe's-and-worries in the modern era, filling the void organised religion, such as and specifically organised christianity and such as and specifically organised islam use to fill, organised religion legitimised-and-normalised monarchies during the feudal era and now the social-cultural/socio-cultural/civil religion legitimises-and-normalises the continued reign-and-rule of a modernised set of relation's, condition's and standard's/expectation's or system's, structures and schedules during the capitalist era.

    The latter is a so-called "secular religion" built-based-and-bound to realism and materialism, though deifies head's of state and head's of government of the federal/national/unitary government, the former is along the same lines, but is built-based-and-bound to idealism and spiritualism, each-and-every superpower state/government/public-sector has harnessed the social-cultural/socio-cultural/civil religion, for both the conflict-and-war effort, it initiated-and-implemented through-and-under a series of successive policies-and-programmes and the mass mobilisation of the rest of society for the economy, though we live-and-breathe in secular liberal/libertarian/conservative representative democratic capitalist republic's, what's the point of being patriotic/loyal to either both or either clan and/or ilk, isn't patriotism/loyalism to your kin enough?
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    i believe in the sanctity of strangeness, and that what isn't known, isn't known.

    when people pretend to know what isn't known, whatever else might actually be, they are pretending.
    you can call it faith, you can call it belief, and there could be a billion gods or not, as easily as anything else, you can call it anything you like.
    you can make it an entertaining story to tell around the camp fire.
    you can use it to illustrate what you believe are moral points.
    you can use it to try to discourage bullying and to encourage people to want to avoid causing harm.
    you can comfort yourself with knowing there could exist a powerful invisible friend.

    these are good things. they're not bad things at all.
    even if they've also been used in bad ways by people intending to do that.

    but they're still, stories that we come up with, to tell.
    oh yes, i believe there is something like that,
    not that it wishes to be feared, or make war on anything, or even needs to be infallible, or had all that very much to do with anything we experience in our every day lives,
    but rather, like strangeness itself, it exists without cause harm, without even needing to leave footprints, unless it wants to.
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    You're a theist/deist/monotheist/polytheist/pantheist, so you believe, feel, think, think you know, but not know, can't avow-and-affirm that you know, but believe, feel, think or think you know, not know, that there is a deity/spiritual being/supernatural force/higher power/celestial being widely-known and commonly-referred to as god/goddess/god's/goddesses, but not a believer/follower/member/supporter/practitioner, you could self-describe yourself as a christian in name only, muslim/islamic in name only, agnostic-atheist, new age, spiritual, but not religious, pro-anti-religious, pro-secular, pro-anti-clerical, pro-skeptical, you don't build-base-and-bound your safety-and-security to fear, shame and guilt, probably an ethnic nationalist/racial nationalist, your civil religion, which is the current and realist-and-practical faith, the "one true faith", that will out-last you and I, at least for the next 150/200 year's-and-decades, decades-and-centuries or centuries-and-millennias to 800 year's-and-decades, decades-and-centuries or centuries-and-millennias, until world war three, which will either begin or end in a nuclear holocaust between two rival political-legal-economic establishment, ending with the automation war (the real war to end all war's)
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    what isn't known isn't known.
    nothing has to be known in order to exist.
    there could be a whole universe of god - like beings.
    there is almost certainly as much that is greater then ourselves as is less.
    if more and less are even things that exist.
    love what you want to believe, that's fine.
    but nothing owes anything, to the unwillingness of the human ego, to accept the reality of its ignorance.
    nothing owes a special place in this universe, to our human species nor the planet on which we live, and upon which its continued existence utterly and entirely depends.

    the war thing, sure that can happen, but it doesn't have to. it isn't cast in stone that it will.
    environment is the foundation of the physical existence of living organisms.
    kick that out from under you feet, no support for physical existence, no physical existence.

    the apocalypse is eco-pocalypse, and perhaps a few will survive, perhaps in radically altered forms being the only ones who do. the only births that live more the a few days or weeks after being born, into an environment so altered as to make them the only ones who can.

    or perhaps not, and it will take unimaginable spans of time, for sapience to again evolve from some other root stock.
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    whatever gods, governments, or anything else exists, there are four things, that loved, they make heaven, hated that make hell.
    they are logic, consideration, honesty and imagination.

    beliefs are for comfort, that none of us ever grows out of having a need for.
    but these are a separate thing, both from gods,
    and from how we make what we experience for each other,
    and by so doing, of course for ourselves as well
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    Nationalism, specifically ethnic nationalism/racial nationalism is a primer for conflict-and-war or adequately-and-accurately appropriately-and-accordingly is a primer for mobilisation for physically-violent conflict-and-war in the modern era, it's the civil religion I'm inferring, our political-legal-economic environment is increasingly/incliningly unstable, with a dwindling child birth-rate, continuing monopolisation in the white-market, creeping automation in the white-market, political-legal-economic crises, such as financial crises, technological advances, such as automation, nuclear conflict-and-war, environmental collapse, such as climate change, migration, mainstream cultural conflict-and-war and food-stuff (s)-and-water conflict-and-war, you can't be either idealist and spiritualist in a realist and materialist social-cultural-political-legal-economic/socio-cultural-political-legal-economic situation, you mention the "eco-pocalypse", which is borne out of the environmental collapse, such as climate change, you further write/type about the "elasticity" or adequately-and-accurately appropriately-and-accordingly, the adaptability-and/or-adoptability of surviving individual person's, who will have to be told, taught and trained/re-inforced by incentivising-and-rewarding via learning, un-learning and re-learning to the hard-ship's of written/typed potential near-future and/or far-future
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    You're right, belief's are forged from mutual/common experiences, which is how culture/collective consciousness, community and life-style are formed, but simple concept's, such as "logic", "consideration", "honesty" and "imagination", in today's modern era, with the digital era here to stay and expand, an expansive or comprehensive understanding of the real-world, built-based-and-bound to the new-world, that has become the mainstay of the modern-world, a template to be replicated, time in-memoriam
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