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    an ordinary day,
    an ordinary life
    some say it’s not enough
    they seek to move, and shake, and stir
    a fire burning at both ends
    and more they want
    a big fat bang for all their buck
    to mark the pass of time
    to show that they were here
    a moment spent, then gone
    that’s fine
    that’s all and well
    but me I care for just one thing
    a thing it’s not
    but what it is, it is…
    just… peace
    just peace that stretches
    through and through
    the span of space and time
    to bind and weave me in itself
    to spin my life and make of me
    whatever that it will
    a being on fire, or not
    one watched and noticed
    or recessed in quiet solitude
    unknown and unobserved
    and in my ordinariness
    so blissfully content
    to simply be
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    ... blending, like a chameleon; inhaling relaxation, exhaling simplicity.

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