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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by europe_guy, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. europe_guy

    europe_guy Guest

    Hello im from norway!
    Im wondering do you have any tips for online vendoor for Research Chemicals?
  2. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    1. Use a dedicated vending laptop. It doesn't need to be expensive, a shitty one will do fine. I would pay for it with cash but that is probably over kill.

    2. Encrypt the entire hard drive with Truecrypt with a secondary passphrase that you can give up if you are busted. One passphrase decrypts to your real system, another decrypts to a bogus clean system to make the hypothetical jury happy.

    3. Generate a 4,096 bit GPG key, and learn how to use it. ALWAYS use GPG for communications, and if customers don't want to deal with learning how to use it REFUSE to respond to them. You don't want to get greedy and work with idiots who are too lazy to keep you or themselves safe.

    4. Set up Tor and learn about how it can protect you from being traced down online, but also learn its limitations. Keep in mind malicious exit nodes can sniff if you don't use SSL or preencrypt.

    5. Buy a nice powerful WiFi antenna. A hundred dollar omni Antenna would be good. Find a map of free WiFi hotspots in your area, or drive around looking for them and mark good locations. Keep this map encrypted on your laptop. Everytime you access your vending shit, hit up a different WiFi hotspot. Never vend from your own internet connection, or even your own neighborhood or block. You can rotate hotspots but don't use the same one twice in a row.

    6. Get a MAC address spoofer and spoof a new mac address every time you connect to the internet.

    7. Take full advantage of anti-keylogger, anti-virus and anti-spyware software.


    1. When you package shit always wear gloves. Use tight fitting leather gloves with latex gloves over them, don't just use latex gloves they are so thin they can confirm to your fingerprint ridges and transfer a print over by pressing it into what you touch, like a rubber stamp. With chems, you don't need to do special tricks like replace outer gloves for each step of packaging, or do fancy shit like triple vac sealed with bleach scrubs between. Just vac seal it once, tape it down to construction paper heavily, fold it over itself like a letter and get it as flat as possible then throw it in an envelope and drop it off at a random drop box. Print labels and return addresses, use a return address of an apartment complex but don't specify a number so if shows up as legit address at post office but if it is returned to sender no one will get a surprise in their mail box and freak out. If you ever ship shit dogs can smell, the steps on doing it safe are a bit more complex.

    2. When YOU get the shit, it should be to a PO box with a fake ID. If you are getting vending amounts, it isn't near as safe to get shit sent to your house. Get a fake ID, set up a po box, let the shit sit in the box for a month and then swoop it up in the middle of the night and get the fuck out of there.

    3. For payment, have customers fund a ecurrency account set up with bullshit details (you can grab legit info out of some other countries white pages) then bounce the money around a few different ecurrency accounts with different tor proxy exit nodes and infos used for each one. After a bit of this, sell the ecurrency to an exchanger in return for western union, and pick up the western union using your fake ID.

    4. Also wear gloves when you do anything with western union or a po box. Also should wear a hat or a beanie, and lightly tinted glasses. Lightly tinted glasses look way less sketchy than dark sunglasses with a hat and gloves on, and still will help disguise you significantly.

    thats pretty much it in a nutshell.
  3. europe_guy

    europe_guy Guest

    Ok.. but can you guys send me som pm with some sites?
  4. Toejam

    Toejam Member

    No, we all had to find the sources ourselves.
    So should you.
  5. ydl

    ydl Member

    Great thread, 5 stars.
  6. ptsmagic

    ptsmagic Member

    Wow, thats an awesome, comprehensive, and paranoid guide! nice job.

    quick poll: how many people actually follow a procedure like this? (besides binary shadow)
  7. no dedicated laptop, but i do use a local wifi, and i also use a proxy site. then again i dont sell

    and letting it sit in the POBOX for a month seems a bit much, a week or so is plenty. unless you are getting quantity. (use local mom and pop places there security wont be as much as a larger one or post office.)

    Also your fake info on your id should be similar to your real info not so much its obvious but close enough you dont hesitate if you have to repeat it back.

    my 2 cents
  8. europe_guy

    europe_guy Guest

    It is very hard to find :/
  9. europe_guy

    europe_guy Guest

    can someone add me on msn and explane for me?
  10. Prea

    Prea Member

    No, it's not hard at all. I spent all this past weekend on google and shit looking for vendors, and came across a handful of reliable sources.

    No I will not give them to you. It's not that hard if you just put in the effort/search around.
  11. europe_guy

    europe_guy Guest

    Ok im looking :)
    Been doing it all day now :/
  12. Prea

    Prea Member

    You'll come across stuff. Believe me. And you can try to see if people are legit or not on undrugged.
  13. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    Oh you wanted vendors lol. I read your post as "Give me advice on how to be a research chem vendor online" no "give me research chem vendors"

    A week should be plenty long probably. The longest I have heard of cops waiting for someone is two days (the day after the pack arrived). Busted a dude getting hash. I bet if he waited for a month he wouldn't have got busted. Maybe a week. The cops are not going to wait around forever, it gets too expensive and time wasting too fast and for all they know the dude sketched out and is never going to show up.
  14. Ohheyitsme

    Ohheyitsme Member

    nice post
  15. Saviorself

    Saviorself Member

  16. europe_guy

    europe_guy Guest

    :) I have found a couople of vendors :)
    Thanks for the help peepz

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