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Discussion in 'Cacti Delecti' started by fun station, Sep 1, 2019.

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    Hey guys,

    I'm going to be buying several 1 inch peyote cuttings. Obviously once i get them i'll be putting them into a small pot filled with cactus soil. My problem is it's almost autumn and I need these guys to root. To be proactive i purchased a LED light (Electric Sky 180 V2 LED Grow Light) just to ensure that my little guys can take root. I really would like for them to go dormant at some point this winter but ensuring they're able to survive is more important.

    What light cycle is good for cuttings? (12/12, 16/8)

    How long do you think I should keep them under the LED lights before they can go dormant?

    Should I keep them under the lights the entire winter and just wait until next autumn/ winter for them to go dormant?

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