Oral Sex PICS

Discussion in 'Erotica' started by this_guy5024, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. this_guy5024

    this_guy5024 ThisGuy

    well the title pretty much says it all...

    dudes show off your skills,

    and ladies.....how low can you go?
  2. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    err, yea this forum has certianly died, perhaps we can try to revive it
  3. this_guy5024

    this_guy5024 ThisGuy

    yeah i know...what happened to good old fashion and wholesome blowjob pics?
  4. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    ummm, this forum was created :p back in the day there was tons of nudies posted but...thats not really what this site is about so we had to make a new forum for it
  5. toocleen

    toocleen Member

    what is the new forum?
  6. this_guy5024

    this_guy5024 ThisGuy

    there's no new forum out there...just this one..

    i'm trying to get some pics of my own but my friggin' digital cam is broke and my roommate's is missing!
  7. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    This is the new forum, all these old threads used ot be in the real kinky forum but we're moved here for paying members only, which subsequently killed all contributions =/
  8. yup.... it sucks now
  9. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    apparently. most of the damn pics are X'd out by now
  10. dangermoose

    dangermoose Is a daddy

    so take your own and post em to help get things rolling here again
  11. dibbo69

    dibbo69 Fuck em all

    Alright, here are some to get things rolling-come on now, don't be shy.
  12. this_guy5024

    this_guy5024 ThisGuy

    see thats the spirit! nice pics!
  13. indyanthony

    indyanthony Member

    Great pics!
  14. Hippievixen

    Hippievixen Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  15. Hippievixen

    Hippievixen Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

  16. warpedsoaper

    warpedsoaper eternal optimist

    I always thought you were super sexy. Now I think super sexy and skills, very hot sister !
  17. dibbo69

    dibbo69 Fuck em all

    Thanks for the comments guys-it would be nice if some more people got into the spirit of things too but if not, well, at least there are some pictures in here. Come on people-free love and sharing and all that hippie stuff.
  18. ZenDragon

    ZenDragon Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I dont think its for lack of spirit! I just think most of us arent getting enough action to take pictures of. lol

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