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Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by TylerPittman19, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. I need quick help. I took a whole pill of xanax before school the other day and was majorly fucked up for some of the day, and today i am getting half a pill before school only i want to reach that same point. How would I take it to be best effective to be as strong as one whole one? I heard if i grind it into powder and drink it down it will all disolve at once and be stronger. thanks
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    take a zig zag rolling paper or a small piece of tissue paper, then crush the pill up and put it in the paper, twist it up and swallow it like a pill, its called parachuting will hit u faster, not sure if you will still feel as fucked up as taking a whole one cuz its just a matter of physics,
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    it doesnt make any difference if you snort it, suck on it, chew it up, or shove it up your ass (just added the last one cus you had to put ORAL), it might kick in faster, but it wont give a more intense effect.
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    this is true!
  5. lol what a dumb question. How could something at a lower dose cause the same intensity as something at a higher dose? Think about it...if you eat a lot of food you will be very full but if you eat half as much the next day you wont feel as full as you did when you ate more food (works the same with drugs...smoke more pot get higher, smoke less pot you wont get as high). So unless you have something that is a potentiator for that substance you WILL NOT get the same intensity.

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