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  1. yall like em? never had them but everyone's telling me they are a waste...would love to hear opinions...
  2. happydude_60

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    They work fine if you just take them orally. They don't crunch up very well to make them snortable though. I've heard of a microwave/freezer method that supposedly works for that, but I've never tried it.
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    I get 60mg OP's rx'd twice a day.... The general population doesn't like them because they can't or are tedious to break down to snort when in all reality eating them results in higher amount of absorption. I can definitely tell the difference in pain relief between those and the opana 20s I get, I mainly use those to stave off withdraws when i run out of the opana or my roxi 30s. The thing i like most about them is that if u can find them they are cheaper than a dollar per milligram, the most I have see them for is . 50 cents/Mg.
  4. With the canadian Neo's (same formula as OP's) i have found that if you cut up your OP pill into as many small pieces as possible and put it in a shot of coke-cola, let sit for an hour stirring occasionally then downing the whole thing. It hits you harder and feels closer to the old formula. I do them this way every single time. But thats just my 2 cents. I actually like OP's when my tolerance is lower...
  5. happydude_60

    happydude_60 Senior Member

    I do something similar to that with Hydrocodone. Not every time, though. I powderize them and swallow them with a spoon and chase it with Coke or something. It hits all at once within 15-20 min. In fact I might do that in a few minutes. [​IMG]

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