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  1. Swim has been having prblems with an opium extraction from dried poppy heads.
    I know they contain the goodies.
    The method i am doing is as follows.
    10g per 500ml of 6.5ph water kept 65 degrees for 3 hrs.
    Then filtered, thru silk screen , then stacked coffee filters, sometimes upto 8 times.
    Then bottled and put in the freezer untill clear ices patches form, these are filtered and discarded.
    The liquid is then left to dry.
    All swim is left with is a brown/light crystal stuff. But, it doesnt burn, and its very mild.
    It does have some effects though.
    Any help, or other methods to get O that properly Vapourizes would be brilliant.
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    um, well.. Been a while since ive done it but really miss the fragrance of opium..

    Hot water and a Screen strainer, a pot that the strainer can sit in while filled with seeds.
    Fill with water and Boil. Set strainer in pot with seeds, while boiling mash or maul the seeds with tool/ honestly I like to use rubber gloves and squeeze, when it gets to hot just let it go, Though very hot heavy dish gloves will insulate..
    after your water starts getting black and it will, you can add more seeds ect..

    remove the seed strainer and boil off water. Before it begins oils/ or opium tar will be left over..
    be sure your pot has a very smooth surface, as you will scrap this off with knife..
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    Oh, I meant the OPs, not yours orison.
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    oh, Its cool, thanks that post has been hiding from me... I would add you want to get a thin as screen possible.. cause you dont want no seed fibers, I guess that what its called..
    Been a while, If I had the stacks Id have a oops truck at my house once a week.. wif something new.
  6. I wouldnt say mine was much different, i would grant i havent tried the parrafin wax methid yet, hopefully this is the key to my problem.

    Although, i would like to mention if anyone reading this thread want to try this.

    The main alkaloids in Opium are destroyed at around 82 degrees.
    This may help with anyone strength problems?
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    If they were Destroyed as you say that would mean that they couldnt be smoked. :(
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    Did you see the edit? The method I ended up using was on the last page, so I rewrote it and put it under the original. The paraffin is key, it really purifies the opium if you do it enough times. Ive heard morphine breaks down around 180 F, so I just keep the temp under 150 and its fine.

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