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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by murgatroid, May 23, 2013.

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    I used to be a weekend warrior type and at a certain point stress and being confined indoors for weeks lead me to start using every day. When I first started using dope I barely even liked it. It would be good for a little while, then I would be nauseous and have to lie down for a few hours. Sometimes if I did a shot that was too strong I would instantly vomit. When the nausea went away it would actually be a relief. Now I start getting the sick feeling after about 24 hours from my last shot. I almost never get nauseas anymore either. Is the chemistry of my body permanently changed? Will I get dopesick after any hit even if I abstain for a long period? I'd like to just go back to using once a week like I used to.
  2. It's called withdrawls and tolerance.... I feel ya mate i cant seem to stop diluadid because the withdrawls are so intense that i keep using...
    It's a vicious cycle but it looks like both of us need to take a dope break. Ya dig?
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    if you only did it once a week, the body would still grow used to getting its fix then. And you eventually be anxious for it, and sick soon before you get it..
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    I know about tolerance and withdrawal. I guess what I'm asking is would my body ever return back to it's original lack of tolerance or will it "remember" dope forever no matter how long of a break I take? Can you force your body to get used to having it once a week without getting sick anymore? (Assuming you have the willpower to do so of course.)
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    After a period of abstinence your physical tolerance will go down, but with continued use it will go right back up, even quicker than when you first started using. The danger can be that your psychological tolerance may not go down as much, so when you first go back to it you may end up using too much to get the same high. Also, the real question may be can you force your mind to having it only once a week? It depends on the person, but when people get used to experiencing this type of euphoria on a regular basis, it can be very hard to limit it to just weekends. People fool themselves all the time into thinking they can, and end up as addicts.
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    In some of the reading I've done I've read that after years of opiate abuse your brain can be changed forever in regards to the opiate receptors as they can develop a type of memory which in turn can leave the person susceptible to relapse for the rest of their lives, I have now recognized that I'll be fighting the pull of opiates for the rest of my life. Sometimes I'll win & sometimes the draw of the drug will win.

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