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    Well, I should have known better...
    ...A good workmate of mine and I were smoking together when I got to telling him about Salvia. He was of course super interested and after explaining what of it I could, I decided to give him some. Well, good thing I was there for it though, he tripped out all crazy, lunged from the couch (Luckily I had cleared the area of sharp objects, something I had thought uneccesary but did anyways) into my ironing board, knocking over both my bubllers in the process - there alright) and then started to knock over my lamp as he started to fall over... luckily I caught them both. Damn, that was about it, he spent the rest of the few minutes on the floor rolling and laughing and trying to talk, but he couldnt... lol. Then he proceeded to ask where he was, and eventually I knew he was back when he said suddenly "Damn, I feel like a used hollywood whore now...".
    Crazy huh? And yes, he had done mushrooms and stuff before.


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